Curtis Dawkins: Ink from soot and spit

Curtis Dawkins shot a man and sits in prison for life. In his stories he tells of the soulless detention routine and the short escapes.

Curtis Dawkins: Ink from soot and spit
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    Germany's most famous bank robber UndSchriftsteller Ludwig Lugmeier has written in prison and over his time in Kaumetwas. The total loss of world behind bars paralysis one, he once told in an interview. In addition, everyday life is so monotonous, uneventful, so through and through, that one does not know what to write about in face of this Stoffmangelsschlicht.

    Curtis Dawkins, a prospective author with master-of-fine-arts degree, shoots 2004 under influence of crack undWodka a man and gets a life sentence "without a prospect of parole", as blurb dräut. Dawkins, however, does not stop, works in a literary way with Seinerneuen present, and soon begins to publish InLiteraturzeitschriften, narrations, which finally also come to attention of a lecturer at New York publishing house Scribner. Last year, Dortseine first short-story collection was released, which is now also in German.

    All my friends have killed Wen Erzähltvom soulless detention, from temporary escapes, from rituals with which one brings time around, baseball games on a kleinenSchwarzweißfernseher, conventions and language regulations. Dieknastsicheren pens, for example, whose mines are stuck in a thin, flexible tube, so that y are not a stab weapon, are called "limp tails". And: 13 ½ is a nickname for an inmate who had twelve shit stupid jurors, an asshole as a judge and EinenVerteidiger, who abgesessenhat day in court on a half-ass cheek, which all comes toger for life.

    You take what you can get

    Dawkins ' style adapts to environment. He works with Demeingeschränkten linguistic instruments available to him here. Thus he gives low blaring profanity of this life behind lattices of eineadäquate form, which he also defends against any cliché suspicion. "A warden just tells us, ' Library. ' Mickey and I hesitated because we didn't know way, and he called us two dumb assholes. I knew that even ergekünstelt would work if I described his patic bacon face and seinefeine wording, but re was nothing to do. "

    In several stories, DerErzähler is a tattoo artist, a poetological cipher for Dawkins ' own artistry. "In prison, tattoo artists, what y can get, usually take a angespitzteGitarrensaite on a Walkman engine. The ink is made from soot and spit, sometimes also urine, and still so brilliant, precise Entwürfesehen on skin is only dull and washed out. Tattooing in prison's like attempt to perform fine sewing with knitting needle. "

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