Customs dispute: China ready to negotiate despite new US punitive tariffs

After the mutual arrangement of billions of heavy punitive duties, China is confident. The state media are clearly criticising the US course.

Customs dispute: China ready to negotiate despite new US punitive tariffs

China is signaling willingness to negotiate with US in customs dispute. "China welcomes a dialogue and is not afraid of commercial war threats," writes state newspaper China Daily in an editorial. Previously, both countries had imposed billions of heavy penalties on each or.

The paper evaluated tariffs on Chinese goods announced by USA on Friday as a gross violation of spirit of recent trade negotiations between two countries. The measure will "backfire if Washington does not move away from its dangerous adventure policy." The Government of US President Donald Trump handles inconsistent and dangerous, according to China Daily. It is still too early to talk about a trade war, given " frequent Hers" of Americans.

Trump had announced on Friday a second round of tariffs of 25 percent to more than 800 Chinese goods, including cars as well as industrial and high-tech goods. China responded with its own tariffs of 25 percent to 659 us products such as whiskey, tobacco and cars. It is a volume of 50 billion dollars. Both duties shall be valid from 6 July.

China plans to impose tariffs on additional 114 US products

The list of Chinese Ministry of Finance also includes agricultural products such as pork and beef, rice, soybeans, salmon and dozens of fruit and vegetables and nuts. At a later date, which has not yet been specifically designated, China is planning to impose tariffs on 114 or US products such as coal and crude oil.

Or state media from People's Republic also criticized US action. "The Wise man builds bridges, Fool builds walls," it was said in a comment by news agency Xinhua. China is best reacting to trade dispute with "expansion and opening".

US Steel and aluminum tariffs are already in place. Imports from EU are also affected. Trump has also threatened to impose tariffs on European cars.

Date Of Update: 18 June 2018, 12:02

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