D He report the Maid : The woman belongs to the state

34;D He report of the Maid 34; was considered by many to be the best TV series of the past year. Can the second season continue Margaret Atwoods Roman worthy?

D He report the Maid  : The woman belongs to the state
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    Note: Text contains content descriptions of first season.

    The report of maid came at right moment. The serial version of Margaret Atwoods's eponymous novel appeared in April 2017, in first months of Donald Trump's presidency and put his finger in wounds of time. A Fascist America, in which women are demoted to childbearing, caused very real fears for many people: men with power who determine women's bodies. And that was still before case of Weinstein was publicized and debated about sexual harassment in Hollywood.

    Bruce Miller's adaptation to video portal Hulu was first Streamingserie to win an Emmy for best drama. The second season, which appears in Germany on Telekom-Streamingportal EntertainTV, is nominated in 20 categories for American television prize.

    At end of first season, pregnant maid June (Elisabeth Moss) is evacuated by armed men in a black van. "Into darkness or light," wrote Margaret Atwood. This is where dystopian novel of Canadian, which was instrumental in both seasons, ended. In her book, Atwood deliberately left open question of wher June was saved or arrested. In epilogue, which in future plays hundreds of years later, reader learns that totalitarian government of Gilead eventually fell, but it is not said how and when and what that means for novel characters.

    In first scene of second season we get answer: June is still sitting in dark. A small hatch opens between it and driver and loading area is flooded with light. Then someone pops hatch and leaves it in dark. When transporter finally reaches its destination, June goes out and finds that it is one of many maids that are muzzlesed and driven to gallows in masses. A sling is placed over head of women. They cry, beg, one soaks. Then you suddenly hear this woman's work by Kate Bush and voice of senior educator Aunt Lydia (Ann Dowd). She says that gallows should only represent a warning, a lesson to be learned. At last you can hear voice in June's head: "Our Far, who you are in heaven. What actual fuck?

    A sham execution as a deterrent: So begins new season of " report of maid". © 2018 MGM Television Entertainment Inc. and Relentless Productions, LLC

    It is a recurring stylistic medium in this second season that any hope that blooms briefly will be immediately undone again. This is hard to bear, because even in sequel, images are so strong that y will burn into memory. But it is important to stand up to this, because maid's report, like no or current television series, shows how quickly an enlightened state can become a fascist nightmare.

    In Gilead, a fundamentalist-Christian tyranny created in US after a global fertility crisis, few still fertile women are enslaved as "maids" to help children for rich and powerful men and ir infertile women Give birth. June (or defred, as it is called by rulings) is one of m. Once she was free, had a daughter, a husband and a career. Now her body is state's property and child she expects "belongs" to Commander Fred Waterford (Joseph Fiennes) and his wife Serena (Yvonne Strahovski).

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