Daily newspaper: D as the age of the printed newspaper is at an end

The managing director of the 34; Taz 34; sees the future of the newspaper in online journalism. The employees would have to stop at the end of the print edition.

Daily newspaper:  D as the age of the printed newspaper is at an end

The TAZ may soon no longer appear as a daily print edition. This was announced by managing director of newspaper, Karl-Heinz Ruch, in a letter to employees. "The age of printed newspaper is over," wrote Ruch. "Journalism lives on net." At first, media service Turi2 and Süddeutsche Zeitung had reported on letter.

Ruch called on employees and partners of Taz to develop ideas for transition. One would "quietly explore necessary changes" of "fundamental structural change", but do not lose any time.

The communication from Ruch goes back to an internal innovation report published in March 2018, which concluded that in years to come, readers will be informed about daily events, mainly online. "Rested analyses" would be increasingly reserved for weekend, here if necessary continue in print, wrote Ruch. Digital change offers a chance for more diversity in journalism.

The Taz was founded in 1978 in West Berlin as a self-declared leftist alternative to bourgeois press and is held by a publishing cooperative. Since founding of Karl-Heinz Ruch, managing director of publishing house will retire in coming year. The current edition of daily newspaper is almost 50,000 copies.

Date Of Update: 14 August 2018, 12:00

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