Data scandal: Facebook is supposed to pay 500,000 pounds in the UK

In the scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytica and data sharing, Facebook did not protect its users, says the UK Data protection Authority. and violate the law.

Data scandal: Facebook is supposed to pay 500,000 pounds in the UK

The United Kingdom wants to occupy Facebook with a penalty of 500,000 pounds (565,000 euro) because of scandal about disclosure of user information. The company did not protect user data and thus violated law, UK Data Protection Authority ICO told. User data had been sent to data analysis company Cambridge Analytica. There is a suspicion that this data has influenced US presidential election campaign between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Moreover, re was no transparency as to how data had been passed on to third parties, authority furr shared. Facebook still have opportunity to respond to penalty announcement, it said. Their real goal is to "achieve change and restore confidence in our democratic system," said ICO chief Elizabeth Denham. The Chairman of Media Committee in London Parliament, Damian Collins, called on Facebook to pass on findings from its internal investigations of data scandal to British supervisory authorities and parliamentarians.

Facebook is in crisis because of data scandal. The data of 87 million users of online network had landed at Cambridge Analytica. Facebook is confronted with a multitude of investigations by supervisory and investigative authorities because of accusation of electoral influence.

Date Of Update: 12 July 2018, 12:02

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