Dax: Deutsche Bank share loses strong value

Historical depression: A share of Deutsche Bank only costs just over nine euros. The trigger was apparently the downgrading of the bank in the US as a problem bank.

Dax: Deutsche Bank share loses strong value

Deutsche Bank shares have fallen to a historic low. At end of market in Frankfurt am Main, it recorded a 7.15 percent minus and was 9.07 euros. Also on Wall Street in USA, valuation of papers premarket more than five percent.

The Wall Street Journal had previously reported that situation of Deutsche Bank subsidiary had already been assessed as precarious by Federal Reserve about a year ago. The Fed had attested to institute a "problem-tainted state" at time – this was not publicly known until now.

According to newspaper, downgrading by Fed influenced Deutsche Bank in its decision to return to its risk-prone activities in United States. As a result, Federal Reserve's assessment had, in particular, resulted in fact that since n Deutsche Bank subsidiary has to have its positions held by Fed to be approved by senior managers.

The Financial Times, citing informed circles, U.S. deposit protection FDIC had put U.S. subsidiary of Bank in first quarter on a list of problem banks. Normally, Fed's estimates are not published.

Deutsche Bank did not comment on principle of "specific regulatory feedback". As a group, however, one is "very well capitalized" and has "substantial liquidity reserves". The US subsidiary also had a "very robust record." The weaknesses in US business are being worked on.

Deutsche Bank has been in crisis for years. The new chairman of board, Christian Sewing, announced last week to dismantle 7,000 jobs and reduce area of investment banking. His predecessor John Cryan had initiated austerity 2015.

Date Of Update: 01 June 2018, 12:02

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