Demba Nabé: D as Life wants to spend one and I want to see

His voice was the warmest of all three singers of the band Seeed: Demba Nabé. Without him, the mass winder, the cheerful nature, an irreplaceable part is missing. An obituary

Demba Nabé:  D as Life wants to spend one and I want to see

When relatives die, this is always a tremendous misfortune for families. When relatives die young, grief becomes a reliable tragedy. However, if se relatives are also friends, thick friends even, so thick that blood is to become aqueous Plörre, n tragedy becomes a human catastrophe.

Seeed were, Seeed are a family of friends, as y rarely exist in music business. A large family also – eleven people on stage and at least twice as many behind it, who have been like a living creature for two decades, inseparable and forever toger, it seemed. Until yesterday.

Because, at least for outsiders, a vital organ was torn out of this body: Demba Nabé, called Ear, one of three heart chambers of inseparable reggae orchestra from Berlin, died. The singer was only 46 years old. And he leaves behind a mourning congregation, which had just come back toger to spread musical gaiety, as few in German speak with so little computation, but so much passion. Framed by or two front men Peter Fox and Frank Dellé, Demba Nabés family business mixed sometimes self frugal Offbeat-fold with a dance-rabid mix of dancehall, bass, DJing, bass, hip-hop, bass, ska and much more bass so that every club To sauna, even if it took stadium dimensions.

Nothing is more "as always"

After all, y were never simply gigs, which brought with m fully umfänglichem rock repertoire plus brass, percussion, background vocals notoriously sold out halls to boiling point. On thousands of videos and documentaries, it is noticeable how scarce dozen capital cities elicit a naturalistic modernism from asphalt of ir homeland, which is not well-suited to Germans in many places. Up to 2012 were Seeed with this sweat-driving type choreographed, but at same time impulsive show on way. Every day a concert, every album Gold status. But n bus stopped abruptly. Collect, regenerate. Until band promised at beginning of March to work on new songs and more: A tour for coming year announced. She was sold out in minutes. As always, actually.

But "as always" is now nothing more, since puzzle with Demba Nabé is missing an irreplaceable piece. His voice was warmest of all three, somehow least rooted in reggae and precisely refore concise. Peter Fox missed sound Berliner Snout, Frank Dellé a trace of Jamaica. Demba Nabé, on or hand, as his two friends at beginning of 1970s was born on Spree, was both – Caribbean and Metropolis, beach and concrete. But y only developed a real force for three, like in same outfit, suits in poad profession. Here too, Seeed entered new territory.

Condolence book

Dear readers, in commentary section of this article, we want to give you opportunity to share your memories and thoughts with deceased with a book of condolences. Respect for piety is important to us in case of deaths, which is why all comments are reviewed before publication.

That it Nabé, who also has a name as an artist and has designed various record covers, under his third name Boundzound ever since 2007, always once resailed solo, a bit trendy than his main band, especially far more creative than in sluggish meandering mainstream of Reggae is common, does not change its meaning for Seeed. The musical relationship has so far been in shock stare. Through her lawyer she made a brief statement, something with "deeply affected" and "time for grief". That's it. Wher tour will take place, wher furr work on plate? It's hard to say.

To comfort of all fans, friends and family members one line of single stand Up! Again 13 years ago. "Baby, Wake up, I count to ten", three sing in it as always joyful until crisis denial, "Life wants to spend one and I want to see it." Demba Nabé, cheerful nature, mass winder, he probably would have wanted it exactly that way.

Date Of Update: 01 June 2018, 12:02

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