Deutsche Bahn: End with manual operation

After the heavy train accident in Aichach, the railway wants to convert hundreds of mechanical stations. Sensors in the rails are now to support driving service.

Deutsche Bahn: End with manual operation

With a major project nationwide, DieDeutsche Bahn wants to secure safety of old Stellwerkenverbessern. As Mirror reports, Willie from January 2019 to around 600 of 1,178 very old units to convert. Prioritätlegt, railway appears to be on routes where trains run faster than 40Stundenkilometer and which are particularly heavily used.

The exchange could last until year 2024 and will cost about 90 million euros. A railway spokesperson confirmed report, but did not include any details.

Diealtening units are still operated by Mechanischmit hands and levers. The control over wher GestelltenFahrstrecken are actually free is still carried out by eye, as before 100Jahren. The warning systems to be nuneingebauted consist of a computer connected to track and to shift levers. If service provider tries to route a train to a track that is already blocked Uninstallingfro anor train, a warning siren and flashing warning light will be activated.

In Bahnhofim Bavarian Aichach a Regionalbahnauf a standing freight train had crashed in May. The 37-year-old Lokführerdes passenger train and a 73-year-old passengers died, 14Fahrgäste were injured. The KRIPO is from human failing. The Aichacher signal box should also receive one of neuenWarnsysteme.

Date Of Update: 08 July 2018, 12:02

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