Deutsche Bahn: Savings Price becomes a permanent offer

The Deutsche Bahn responds to the growing competition: it introduces long-term savings offers and the city ticket will soon be included in many connections.

Deutsche Bahn: Savings Price becomes a permanent offer

Deutsche Bahn wants to attract more customers for long-distance traffic with new offers. In future, company intends to sell long-distance tickets from 19.90 euros. The current offer of special offers will be confirmed in August as a super-savings price for third prize category, such as railway circuits in Berlin, after Bild newspaper had reported on it. A quota of se tickets should be available for each connection.

Until now, tickets can only be bought at normal flex cost and at savings. The Super savings ticket is below. For him re is only a limited contingent and you can not cancel it in contrast to tickets of or fares.

The railway also wants to extend city ticket, which has been offered to Bahncard customers so far. With city ticket, passengers can use buses, trams, underground and commuter trains at start and at destination station for ir way to or from station. From August ticket should be inclusive for all customers – wher you have a Bahncard or not – to book trips in ice, intercity or Eurocity with a length of over 100 kilometers. The city ticket is to be included in all savings and flex fare tickets, but not at new super savings ticket.

Date Of Update: 28 May 2018, 12:02

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