Diesel scandal: Martin Winter Korn should have known of exhaust fraud earlier

According to a report, a witness burdened the former VW boss in the diesel scandal. Winter grain should have been much more informed about the scam than he indicates.

Diesel scandal: Martin Winter Korn should have known of exhaust fraud earlier

The former VW CEO Martin Winter Korn is said to have been informed in detail about exhaust fraud months before diesel scandal became known. In spring of 2015, winter grain knew about exhaust gas manipulations, reports Süddeutsche Zeitung. According to report of Prosecutor's office in Braunschweig, one of leading technicians of VW Group said that he had already informed winter corn in person at a meeting in May of year.

Winter grain always emphasized that he was aware of illegal exhaust manipulations in USA only shortly before public announcement of scandal in fall of 2015. Winter grain had resigned on September 23, 2015 from his post as VW boss shortly after U.S. authorities had uncovered tampering with diesel cars.

Several car manufacturers are involved in diesel scandal, and y are accused of having cheated in ir diesel vehicles for years. Software should have ensured that limit values for exhaust gases of vehicles were only observed on test bench, but not when customers drove on road. The exhaust gas scandal first flew to Volkswagen in United States in mid-September 2015. Around world, eleven million vehicles are affected by Volkswagen.

Date Of Update: 27 July 2018, 12:02

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