Do CBD Gummies Work as Well as CBD Oil?

There are so many different types of CBD products out there, that it may be difficult to decide which one to try first.

Do CBD Gummies Work as Well as CBD Oil?

There are so many different types of CBD products out there, that it may be difficult to decide which one to try first. CBD oil and gummies are the two biggest-selling products available, and there are definite pros and cons to both. In the end, it comes down to personal preferences and intentions. This article will help you sort out the major differences between the two products and decide which is best for you.

Quality is Key

No matter if you go with CBD gummies or CBD oil, they will not have the intended effect unless you ensure the quality of your product. You want to be sure that the hemp used to make the CBD gummies or oil is organically grown in the United States, like in the products made at Verma Farms. Quality hemp sourcing is essential because if you do not know where the plant came from, you could end up wasting your money on lower-quality products that may contain dangerous chemicals or heavy metals.

In addition to knowing where the hemp used to make your CBD products is sourced, it is important to look for third-party lab results. There are lots of illegitimate claims about ingredients on packaging, due to a current lack of FDA regulation. But when companies make lab results from third-party sources available, they verify purity and potency. No matter which CBD products you go with, make sure there are third-party lab results available for your review.

Digestion or Sublingual Absorption

This is the main functional difference between CBD oil and gummies. The way the body receives CBD affects the way the CBD will make you feel, the length of time it takes to make you feel that way, and how long the effects will last.

When you eat CBD gummies, you are getting your dose of CBD through digesting it. This process takes longer, and the effects are more delayed. However, some people note that the effects of absorbing CBD into the bloodstream through digestion are stronger and longer-lasting.

The main way of getting a dose of CBD with oil, is through sublingual absorption. You hold the oil under your tongue for about a minute, and it soaks into the tissues there. This is a direct route to your bloodstream, and therefore effects come faster. The CBD will move through your system faster, and some research indicates that the effects are weakened. So results come faster, but you will probably need a higher dose if you choose to go with CBD oil.


This may be the deal breaker for some people. Gummies come in all sorts of delicious fruity flavors. They can be sweet or sour. Flavored with all-natural fruit extracts or your favorite artificial flavoring. Whatever your palate preference is, you can find a gummy flavor to match.

Oils may have a fruit or mint extract added to enhance flavor, but you cannot cover up the pungent flavor of most CBD oils. One exception is CBD isolate oil, which has no flavor or odor. Oils need to be suspended in another type of oil in order to aid administration. Usually this is some sort of MCT (enhanced coconut oil) or olive oil. So you still have that flavor to deal with even if you purchase isolate.

CBD isolate only has CBD in it. For some, this is a good thing because they are uncomfortable with the presence of other cannabinoids in their oil, no matter how minimal. For others, they would be missing out on what is called the “entourage effect” of having a mix of other cannabinoids to enhance benefits of CBD.

If you want to avoid the pungent, sometimes bitter flavor inherent to hemp products, you have two choices: CBD gummies, or CBD isolate oil. If you purchase broad-spectrum or full-spectrum oil, you will definitely be dealing with holding the flavor of hemp under your tongue for every dose.


Although CBD gummies come in a variety of doses, once you make your purchase, you are stuck with that dose. So let’s say, for example, you purchase 25mg gummies. This is a nice, mid-range dose. You eat a gummy, and an hour later decide you could use just a little bit more. But all you have is 25mg at a time.

This is where it comes in handy to have oil. It comes with a dropper and you can choose your precise dose every time. If you take a full dropper and decide you need just a little more later, you can take half as much, ¾ as much, whatever you want.


Taking a bag or bottle of gummies wherever you go is a lot more discreet and convenient than taking a bottle of oil. When you want to get a dose in, you can just pop gummies into your mouth and go. With oil, you have to stop what you are doing and hold it under your tongue until it absorbs.

Bottom Line

The decision to use CBD gummies or CBD oil is a personal decision. Knowing all the facts ahead of time can help you make the right choice. But it still may require some experimenting to figure out what works best for you. Whatever you decide, pat yourself on the back for doing your research and taking the first step toward improved health and wellness.

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