Documentary and inoculated : Anti-vaccination lobbying instead of enlightenment

Research on the film 34; show: The director David Sieveking gives a word to extreme vaccination opponents. He seems to have no problem with conflicts of interest.

Documentary and  inoculated  : Anti-vaccination lobbying instead of enlightenment
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    A "RiesentollesAbenteuer" is science, says director David Sieveking. His film is being vaccinated in German cinemas this week. The director seeks documentary toger with his wife for an answer to question of wher and with which vaccinations he should provide his children. Objectivity, however, should not be expected. Sieveking's work was already heftigeKritik when DasBuch appeared to film a few weeks ago. So psychologist Cornelia Betsch said time online, Sievekingverschweige scientific consensus and let above all abseitigeStimmen to speak. He's taking a completely wrong perspective, DieZweifel Sow, and thus conspiracy ories. But to whom Genauhat Sieveking actually listened? Who does he give in his film space, his own Positiondarzulegen? A research of time online shows: In film, people are considered as supposedly independent experts who receive funds from anti-vaccination lobbyists who in turn compare vaccinations with Holocaust.

    "Often critique amMainstream into a naïve uncritical attitude towards dubious sources, Damuss one should be on guard," Sieveking said recently. This sentence surprises when you look at who exactly Sieveking is entertained in his film. At first re is a Arzteiner anthroposophical clinic in Berlin, which says on a parent info event sets: "Vaccination is one of strongest, manipulativstenEingriffe you can ever do." The doctor will also speak in detail in book ZumFilm. Sieveking said he had learned a lot about vaccination from Vondiesem doctor. At same time, he admits that Arztmit is "quite manipulative in its formulations". Only why is not addressed? If he had portrayed him as a "freak" telling rubbish, "one would ask why he appears in film," says Sieveking.

    A congress funded by extreme vaccination opponents

    That alone is Einebemerkenswerte statement for someone who wants to make a neutral and aufklärerischenFilm. Anor problem, however, is explained by JournalistikprofessorMarkus Lehmkuhl of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, that most doctors and Medizinernun times are not scientists. In population as well as among journalists, misconception is widespread, a doctor already knows each or. But to be able to make a really good classification of state of science, a doctor himself must have investigated in this field. Only n do y know what quirks methodological approaches have. In end, Alsonicht is passed to experts who work at universities or authorities such as Paul Ehrlich Institute Oderdem Robert Koch Institute.

    Hinnerk Drentrup

    The freelance journalist writes about medical science, health and research policy as well as bioethical issues. He is co-founder of Independent online magazine "MedWatch". The site clarifies in network among or things about false and misleading reporting on rapies.

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    Much more problematic than dieextremen opinions of anthroposophical physician but is anor place imfilm. Sieveking travels to Leipzig and visits a "InternationalesSymposium" as it is called in film. Here VerschiedeneWissenschaftler comes to floor: for example, British aluminium researcher Chris Exley reports on possible toxic effects of vaccination amplifiers containing metal. What is not mentioned in film: both Working Group working in DerExley and symposium are fully funded by an organisation called Children's Medical Safety Research Institute (CMSRI). Its founder, Claire Dwoskin, is one of most extreme vaccination opponents. A reporter from Fox Business should have written it in an e-mail: vaccinations are " Holocaust of poison for brains and immune systems of our children."

    Date Of Update: 12 September 2018, 12:00

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