Donald Trump: Cosmic kitsch

In his official trailer for the meeting with Kim Jong-un, Donald Trump conjures up the return of myth into politics. That's not just laughing.

Donald Trump: Cosmic kitsch

A video was shown in course of meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, which has now been described as "historically". The White House itself had produced four minute long clip to illustrate substantiate dimension of summit in Singapore. Seen in this way: OffizielleTrailer. One can ponder for a long time how far this video is a weitereStufe of event of politics, which since Trump (actually already since Obama) belongs to common practice. One can of course laugh at pictures with which Trump government decorates promise it makes to dictator Kim Jong-un, arrival in an idyll where you ride with ÜbermotorisiertenBooten into sunset of Florida Keys and UntermotorisiertePferde galloping through water.

"Two men, two leaders, one destiny," says in promotional film The dramaticly occupied off-voice in product of Schwarzenegger's cinema, a man, a pistol, a target. May be that press department DerUS government has served directly with pompous pathos formulas from Hollywood. Allerdingsführt A word about this aestic trick into politics, Daseigentlich belongs to notional majesty of Pre-modernism: Destiny. And Damitein old, metaphyselndes worldview that this video ("Destiny Pictures Presents") takes on its own, belief in world Run as an infinite return as well: misery, violence, death, war, light against darkness. History Seizyklisch, it says in video. So she's a tautology in which happens, waspassiert, what happened anyway and will always happen. Whoever wants to change this, in ancient sense of a tragic cycle, must possess titanic powers. In this logic, essence of modern, democratic politics is demoted to meaningless, verweichlichtem chatter, it remains merely archaic heroism. Few are called to do so, says voice in video as in a long-forgotten prophecy.

In this self-heroic and self-mystifying, Donald Trump is present in video as a "Hand of peace" UndÜberbringer "light of Hope", which makes Kim Jong-un offer, which he cannot refuse – unless merciless circulation DerGeschichte, North Korea Would like to be bombed again in dark. Kim Jong-un can, however, ascend to trump himself in heroic spheres when he is ready to break up "window of opportunity" and join free, rich world that looks like a world of McDonald's branches, TechnoiderUtopie and opening credits in video. of Miami Vice. Now it is out of question that Sichjeder can only wish for an opening of North Korea to world. And perhaps writer Milan Kundera was right when he wrote that Verbrüderungaller people would ultimately only be justified by kitsch. Dertotale Kitsch of Destiny, however, was better kept in Hollywood.

Date Of Update: 14 June 2018, 12:02

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