Drones: The cheapest Air Force in the world

Supposedly, the Venezuelan president was assassinated with freely available drones. What's with that? And are the toys really potential weapons?

Drones: The cheapest Air Force in the world
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    It's one of se stories, which first sounds spectacularly strange. Assassination should have been perpetrated on a statesman. Executed angeblichmit two drones of variety, which one does not get in electronics market, but can easily order online. Who should come up with such a abstrusklingende idea? Why so complicated? But if idea should not be so absurd: is re a danger from recreational drones that could be far greater than one that portrays clumsy crash pilots of such aircraft, who like to fly ir kopter against trees or sink into lakes? In Germany alone, according to estimates of German air traffic control, around one million mostly semi-professional drones were bought. Are all se things wirklichpotenzielle murder weapons?

    Both alleged attack on life of Venezuelan PräsidentenNicolás Maduro during a parade in Caracas on August 4 so two DJIMatrice 600 (short: M600) should have been used as flying explosives. Diesessechsrotorige model of Chinese world leader for consumer drones costs 5,699 euros per piece. So it's no longer a toy. The M600 is Beliebtbei professional cameramen because it can carry up to six kilograms of load – a film or at least a good SLR camera fürLuftaufnahmen weighs accordingly much. In alleged assassination attempt, a KilogrammC4-plastic explosive should ever be befestigtgewesen among two allegedly used M600 drones. Enough to leave a devastating effect on full BesetztenZuschauertribüne, which was also Maduro. Soon after DemVorfall, a government representative in front of press showed product sheet of DJIM600 in cameras.

    Dochnicht just because Maduro is an authoritarian potentate and zunächstvergleichsweise few images of alleged drone attack, first public media reactions were cautious. The case sounded a robber pistol. Even after a strange supposed Bekennertweet had surfaced and government accused Maduro Colombia of sticking behind alleged assassination. The US, too, would have helped, even Venezuelan opposition.

    It may not be a robber pistol

    Dasbritische Open Source Research network Bellingcat, which has become known by SeineNachforschungen for alleged launch of aircraft MH370 Malaysia Airlines via derUkraine in year 2014, has now launched a video images UndFotos based on first Analysis published. This comes to VorläufigenSchluss: as it stands, supposed assassination attempt could have been keineRäuberpistole, but really similar to what has been done by VenezolanischenRegierungsvertretern described.

    EinBildausschnitt, for example, shows an apparently torn-off part of a drone, and dasschaut as if it actually belongs to a M600. Esangeblich was found in immediate vicinity of DerParadestrecke in front of a building in which one of two drones was to be overthrown. There drone is supposed to have caused an apartment fire after einerDetonation.

    The grandstand on which SichMaduro was located, at least after evaluating available images, did not have any of two Hektakoptererreicht. The flying objects would have been undeniable given dimensions of drone type of 1.6 times 1.5 meters. The 15 kilogram schwereM600 with full load is recognizable with naked eye even at greater heights from ground and can also be heard widely due to desRotorengeräuschs. Even without explosives underneath möchteman such a thing would rar not get on head, it should fall from sky. Furr recordings seem to show destruction of a second M600in of air.

    The manufacturer of model takes a written position on request of time online: "DJI manufactures products exclusively for peaceful purposes, and in this way it also uses overwhelming majority of drone pilots. We condemn any form of use that deals harm to someone. While factual situation (in case of Caracas, d. Red) is still unclear, we are prepared to provide assistance to investigators to investigate misuse of our technology. "

    Updated Date: 09 August 2018, 12:00

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