Drought: Ministry of Finance rejects demand from farmers

Farmers are calling for state aid of one billion euros because of the poor harvest. According to a report, the Ministry of Finance wants to pay significantly less.

Drought: Ministry of Finance rejects demand from farmers

Due to ongoing drought, farmers in Germany are demanding high compensation from politics. According to information of Mirror, Federal ministry rejects m.

Under no circumstances would state aid reach order of more than one billion euros demanded by farmers ' Association president Joachim Rukwied, news magazine from ministry cites. "We will remain far below this sum." The harvest, which is weaker because of drought, leads in return to higher prices for agricultural products, so that market will compensate for some of losses.

According to federal government, according to figures, 2003 was paid in last support action of State due to drought damage for agriculture. At that time Confederation and Länder had provided equal shares of a total of 72 million euros. An exact sum for new aid cannot be calculated until harvest balance has been determined. This will be presented next week.

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Updated Date: 18 August 2018, 12:00

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