Dynamic luxury tourer: Indian Pursuit - the nerd who can do everything

Anyone who sees the Indian Pursuit for the first time believes that it can only be driven on endlessly long and wide highways.

Dynamic luxury tourer: Indian Pursuit - the nerd who can do everything

Anyone who sees the Indian Pursuit for the first time believes that it can only be driven on endlessly long and wide highways. But far from it. The Americans have made sure that the luxury tourer can also conquer French high alpine roads very dynamically.

The choice of Chamonix-Mont Blanc in France's Haute-Savoie department seems a bold decision given a motorcycle with a curb weight of 416 kilograms. Those responsible for the US brand Indian trust their machine. For the presentation of the new large tourer Pursuit, they chose exactly the route between Chamonix and Annecy on which an in-house test team had already laid the foundations for the further development of the brand as a whole and specifically the PowerPlus model family in 2015.

The Pursuit evolved from the Bagger-style Challenger model. While the Challenger only has a massive front fairing, the Pursuit has a full fairing with an integrated top case and thus corresponds to the usual ideas of a luxury tourer that also enables long journeys for two. Challenger and Pursuit are both powered by a nearly 1.8-liter four-valve V2 that delivers an impressive 122 hp at just 5500 rpm, the so-called Power Plus unit. Indian specifies the maximum torque as 174 Newton meters at 3800 crankshaft revolutions.

Both data are the basis for driving pleasure: The torque is full, the top performance is plentiful, so that you can also accelerate properly if necessary. In other words: the question of performance does not arise. Regardless of the gear selected, it is always easily accessible. This allows relaxed cruising in high gears as well as dedicated conquering of demanding alpine passes. The driving dynamics are accompanied by a pleasant, well-composed background noise from the intake system and the dual-flow exhaust system.

Given the dimensions of the vehicle before the start of the 200-kilometre tour, no one would have believed that stretches with tight hairpin bends would not be strenuous. But Indian had already recognized in 2015 what to look out for in future development: high chassis reserves, very good brakes, maneuverability and sufficient wind and weather protection to be able to cope with the capricious weather in the Alps.

Accordingly, the Indian Pursuit can be maneuvered through long curves at high speed on expressways, but it can also be maneuvered precisely around narrow serpentines on narrow Alpine passes with two-lane, holey asphalt. Thanks to the effective Brembo three-disc brake system including cornering ABS, the successful chassis tuning and the excellent ergonomics, all the prerequisites for enjoyable driving on routes of all kinds are given.

However, there are two limitations: Turning is a delicate matter, especially on unpaved ground. Maneuvering is also difficult because the Pursuit does not have an electric reversing aid, which is actually indispensable in this vehicle category. Fortunately, the road surface is always easy to reach with your feet, because the seat height is moderate at 67 centimeters.

Otherwise there is a lot to be happy about: the equipment is correspondingly lavish for the price range of 35,000 euros, for example there is central locking for the three easy-to-use luggage containers with a total volume of 133 liters. The windshield is of course electrically height-adjustable and has obviously been tested in the wind tunnel. Because you can ride very nicely with the visor open without insects getting into the helmet, and the wind doesn't shake or shake the helmet. There are also heated grips and double seats.

Not only the driving comfort is high, but also the driving safety: In addition to the cornering ABS, there is a dynamic traction control, which is indispensable in view of the enormous torque, especially on roads with little grip. Indian hasn't skimped on equipment otherwise either: the instrumentation with a 7-inch TFT display including touch function is lavish, LED lighting all around is standard, the audio system is standard, as are running boards for the driver and passenger. The seating position itself is absolutely suitable for long journeys, but without provoking a passive attitude on the part of the driver. Long distances can also be covered easily because the fuel supply is lavishly dimensioned at 22.7 liters. Around 350 to 400 kilometers can be covered non-stop. The consumption was indicated by the on-board computer as 5.6 liters over 100 kilometers.

Indian, which was founded in 1901 and went bankrupt in 1953, has only been back on the motorcycle market since 2013 as part of the Polaris Group. Since then, the brand has developed well; in the relevant market segment, a market share of eleven percent worldwide has now been achieved. That seems respectable for a company with an evocative name but a highly flawed history.

In particular, the new Pursuit underpins Indian's intention to gain a strong foothold in Europe as well. Because both the drive and the chassis can be seen in the group of competitors from the USA, Japan and Germany. And the equipment, driver assistance systems and driving comfort also meet the demands in the price range above 30,000 euros.

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