Economy New course, new mobile: alternatives to avoid spending your salary on a smartphone

New course, new mobile

Economy New course, new mobile: alternatives to avoid spending your salary on a smartphone

New course, new mobile. The beginning of the academic year is a time of change and renewal. On the one hand there are parents who will give their children their own phone for the first time. An easy way to have them located at all times and, no less important, to finally respond to the request to have your own smartphone. On the other hand, those who see the start of autumn as the perfect time to replace their smartphone with one with better features.

Be it one case or another, the complicated part always comes when choosing a mobile phone. The balance between not spending a month's time on a terminal and the child having a "fashionable" phone is not always easy. Luckily, there are several alternatives to have a next-generation mobile phone without making a large outlay.

One of the options is mobile rental. This service, which companies such as Rentik offer in Spain, works in a similar way to car rental. That is: for a monthly price, the user enjoys the use of a phone for 24 months.

In this alternative, the user chooses a new smartphone that suits the rate they want to pay - they range from 12 euros per month - and that they can exchange for another terminal during the two-year contract.

In addition, the contract includes insurance against theft or breakdowns. Something very useful in the case of teenagers.

For their part, refurbished or renewed mobile phones are second-hand phones that have already been used and are repaired or improved to give them a second life.

The price is lower than the original mobile phone and is made in a single payment. This price will vary depending on the model and the damage that remains after reconditioning.

In this alternative, which is offered by several companies in Spain, it is important to always take into account the guarantee and return conditions of each company. Especially in case we have any problems in the future.

A third option is to purchase a second-hand mobile phone on buying and selling platforms. In this case, the price of the phone will depend on what each seller wants to put on it, and there may be a lot of price disparity for the same model.

Normally, they are cell phones belonging to users who no longer use them and want to give them a way out by getting some money. Although there are also cases of stolen mobile phones that are later put up for sale in this type of applications.

Regarding the warranty, there are users who attach it to the sales announcement because the terminal is still in the grace period. Others will not have any guarantee. If it is not indicated in the advertisement, it is important to ask about it and request documents that confirm it.