The Labor Inspectorate has forced Glovo to convert 3,060 distributors who were falsely self-employed from Glovo in Andalusia into labor personnel, the CCOO union reported on Tuesday.

This regularization occurs after the complaint, by the CCOO of Andalusia in February 2020, before the Territorial Directorate of the Labor Inspection in Andalusia against the digital platforms Glovo and Deliveroo for irregularly employing their workers through false self-employed .

The CCOO has received communication from the Labor Inspectorate with the results of the investigations and the conclusions obtained in Andalusia, in the absence of finalizing the inspection actions in the provinces of Jaén and Cádiz. From said communication it can be deduced that the Inspectorate has submitted to Glovo acts of infringement that affect 3,060 workers of this platform. For its part, it has not been possible to initiate inspection actions with Deliveroo since this company has no longer operated in Spain since 2021.

In this way, CCOO de Andalucía valued the inspection work carried out, which supports the arguments of this union and, “above all, the workers who were in an irregular employment situation and in fraud of the law”. “We are waiting for the rest of the conclusions in Jaén and Cádiz with the conviction that the data of the 3,060 people will be significantly expanded,” he added.

Finally, CCOO Servicios highlighted that “this new action by the Labor Inspectorate in the Andalusian Community adds to those already carried out throughout our country, which have led to this company accumulating more than 200 million in sanctions, in addition of the regularization of nearly 15,000 workers employed as “false self-employed” and the verification of the use of irregular employment of foreigners and the obstruction of inspection work.”

He also pointed out that a process is pending in the Social Chamber of Madrid, which would affect another 3,200 people who have been hired under a labor formula that the ‘Rider Law’ does not allow. “It is time for this company to reconsider, comply with the regulations and for its staff to see their social and labor rights recognized,” the union settled.

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