The furor over Treasury Bills has experienced a new milestone on Tuesday by exceeding the 3% level in the interest offered by the six- and twelve-month products issued by the agency. The increase in yields coincides with the fever among citizens and small investors for this type of debt due to the lack of remuneration for savings and deposits by traditional banks.

The auction has finally managed to place 4,938.49 million euros for a demand of 8,695 million euros. Specifically, the Public Treasury has placed 903.74 million euros in six-month bills, in response to a demand of 2,720.31 million, and the marginal interest rate has stood at 3.164%, above the 2.693% of the previous auction in February and reaching its highest level since July 2012.

In twelve-month bills, the Treasury has placed 4,034.75 million, below the 5,974.84 million requested by investors, with a marginal return of 3.335%, above the previous 2.839% and reaching its highest level Also since July 2012.

Sources from the Ministry of Economic Affairs have acknowledged to Europa Press that in this auction the non-competitive bids -those in which only the desired quantity is indicated, without a price-, which mostly come from private investors, have represented 29% of issuance, highly concentrated in 12-month bills (378 million at 6 months and 1,048 at 12 months).

Investors will once again have a new opportunity to attend the Treasury auctions on March 14 with an issuance of 3 and 9-month bills and another of State bonds and obligations on March 16, which will end the auctions. of the month.

According to data provided by the organization to the Efe agency, in the first two months of the year the Treasury website has received requests to purchase bills and bonds for an amount of 2,363 million euros. That amount almost multiplies by six the 400 million registered in all of 2022.

According to the latest data available from the Bank of Spain, corresponding to 2022, households had at the end of last year, 1,826 million euros in Treasury bills, almost double that of just a month before.

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