Enercon: Hundreds of jobs fall in the wind power industry

The expansion of wind energy in Germany is faltering. In Lower Saxony alone, hundreds of workers will lose their jobs in the coming months.

Enercon: Hundreds of jobs fall in the wind power industry

Hundreds of employees of supplier companies of wind turbine manufacturer Enercon in Lower Saxony Aurich are to lose ir jobs in coming months. The group wanted to make itself more international, because order situation for wind turbines in Germany was strongly reversed, reports North German radio. Windmills, which would be built for or countries, would have to be assembled locally, according to a spokesman from Enercon. IG Metall called for a social plan. The no longer needed employees would have to be furr qualified. According to report, in Lower Saxony alone re are more than 700 and 835 jobs nationwide.

Just a few days ago, wind energy industry had asked grand coalition to quickly resolve its dispute over a faster expansion of green energy. The Sonderausschreibungen agreed in coalition agreement would have to be used quickly to alleviate an impending expansion gap in year 2019, said Matthias Zelinger, managing director of VDMA Power Systems Association. "What industry needs now is a stringent implementation in terms of tender volumes and expansion figures."

The president of Federal Wind Energy Association, Hermann Albers, called for a "fundamental commitment" of policy to reach a share of renewable energies of 65 percent by 2030. According to Federal Association of Energy and Water Management (BDEW), it was a good one-third (36.3 percent) at end of first half year. Albers said that on way to target until 2030 a "burglary" of total installed capacity was not acceptable.

Controversy over Sonderausschreibungen

In first half of year, expansion of wind energy on land slowed by 29 per cent compared to same period of 2008 to a gross extension of 1,626 megawatts or 497 plants. This was expected because Confederation had changed expansion targets and conveyor systems in recent years.

Union and SPD have been arguing for weeks about a attributable with Sonderausschreibungen. The union argues that faster expansion of four gigawatts of wind and solar power must be linked to a sufficient network capacity. It would be of no use if wind turbines were built, but y could not be connected to grid. The union also refers to resistance in parts of population. The expansion of wind energy is supposed to be a contribution to bringing Germany closer to climate protection objective 2020 – which is in any case no longer achievable.

Date Of Update: 03 August 2018, 12:00

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