Energy turnaround: Altmaier wants to accelerate the expansion of the grid

Existing networks wants to improve the economy Minister Peter Altmaier, to expand new ones more quickly. Above-ground power lines would also be needed in the future.

Energy turnaround: Altmaier wants to accelerate the expansion of the grid

Federal Minister of Agriculture Peter Altmaier (CDU) wants to significantly speed up expansion of electricity grids in Germany and thus ensure a "safe and affordable energy turnaround". For this purpose, Altmaier presented a plan to improve existing networks on one hand and to increase pace of development on or.

The so-called Grid Expansion Acceleration Act should refore be amended in autumn. At same time, existing networks are to be optimised by means of new technology, for example by using ladder cables for electricity transport between pylons, which can withstand larger temperatures or control networks more intelligently.

The aim of plan is to minimise cost of planned pipelines: "We must now ensure that transport of electricity does not become a new price driver," said Altmaier.

For scepticism in population against electricity poles, Altmaier expressed understanding. "The overhead lines must be laid and planned in such a way as to minimize impact on resident populations," said Altmaier to Phoenix station. But re will also have to be free-lying lines in future. In case of AC lines, of which at least 900 kilometers would have to be built, technology for underground laying is not yet developed.

In response to Altmaiers plan, Environmental protection organization WWF called for expansion of renewable energies not to wait for grid expansion. "Even existing networks can absorb much more climate-friendly electricity if fossil energies no longer clog m," said WWF energy expert Henrik Maatsch.

The energy turnaround has enormous consequences for electricity grid, which is threatening to reach its capacity limit. The current must be transported from coasts to major industrial centres in South and southwest. This requires thousands of kilometres of new power lines. According to current figures of Federal Network agency, 7,700 kilometers are currently approved for network expansion in course of energy turnaround and only 950 realized.

Against construction of new electricity highways and new lines, re are in many places resistance from local residents, farmers and environmentalists. There are numerous objections from citizens, long planning and approval procedures and disputes among federal States on course of routes.

Date Of Update: 15 August 2018, 12:00

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