EPA announces strategy to regulate toxic forever chemicals'

The Biden administration has launched a wide strategy to regulate toxic industrial chemicals that can cause serious health problems. These compounds are found in everything from cookware to carpets, and firefighting mousses.

EPA announces strategy to regulate toxic forever chemicals'

Michael Regan is the head of The Environmental Protection Agency. He stated that the agency has taken a number of steps to reduce pollution from a group of long-lasting chemicals called PFAS. These chemicals are increasing in public water systems and private wells .

This plan will limit PFAS's release into the environment, accelerate cleanup at PFAS-contaminated sites like military bases, and increase research investments to find out more about where PFAS can be found and how they can be stopped.

Regan stated that "this bold strategy starts with immediate actions" and also includes additional steps "that will continue through this first term" for President Joe Biden in an interview with The Associated Press. "We will use every tool we have to limit human exposure to toxic chemicals."

Because they are so persistent in the environment, PFAS have been called "forever chemicals". They have been linked to serious health conditions such as cancer and a reduced birth weight.

The EPA will announce Monday a strategy that will allow it to establish aggressive drinking water limits for PFAS in accordance with the Safe Drinking Water Act. It will also require PFAS producers to disclose the toxicity of their products. The agency is also moving to declare PFAS hazardous substances under the Superfund law. This allows the EPA the power to make companies responsible for contamination pay for cleanup or to do it themselves.

These actions will allow the EPA to make cleanups more safe and "the polluter pays," Regan stated.

This regulatory strategy is being considered by Congress as it considers broad-ranging legislation to establish a national drinking standard for certain chemicals and clean up contaminated sites throughout the country.

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