EU Commission: EU states to decide on time changeover

In March next year, the EU Member States are expected to readjust the clock for the last time, the EU Commission proposes. Then this is supposed to happen voluntarily.

EU Commission: EU states to decide on time changeover

According to will of EU Commission, on 31 March 2019 The last time clocks in EU states are to be made mandatory. On next date, October 27, 2019, time changeover for Member States would be voluntary, proposal says. After that re will be no furr changeovers between summer and winter time. So states could decide for mselves what time y keep.

According to plans of European Commission, European Parliament and EU countries should now approve proposal quickly. Each country would have to rush to Brussels authority until April 2019, wher it wants to stay permanently in summer or winter time.

The European Parliament called on Commission to review time-shift in February. In a non-representative online survey in July, 84 percent of participants spoke out against time changeover. Of 4.6 million participants came 3.1 million from Germany. After that, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker stated that he wanted to implement result.

There are already three time zones in EU. Germany and 16 or states have same time. Eight countries – among m Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece and Cyprus – are one hour ahead. Three states are back one hour, namely Ireland, Portugal and Great Britain.

There has been considerable support for thrust of European Parliament in recent weeks. Among EU states, mood is not quite so pronounced. Some countries have positioned mselves: Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia have also been in favour of abolishing time changeover, such as Finland. As a result of online vote, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) expressed her benevolence for abolition of time conversion.

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Date Of Update: 13 September 2018, 12:00