EU copyright reform: the status quo can be so beautiful

Everyone can share texts and GIFs as before: sounds unspectacular, but is a success. The EU copyright reform is shifting. Now it can be discussed sensibly.

EU copyright reform: the status quo can be so beautiful
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    Actually, you'd have to Europahymnesingen now. In Strasbourg, Members of European Parliament defended Dasfreie Internet on Thursday. That may sound patic. But MEPs ' no, with draft geplantenUrheberrechtsreform already approved by own Committee on Legal Affairs in negotiations with Commission and Rateinzutreten, is more than just an ordinary bureaucratic vote. Majority of Parliament has thus put itself on side of network activists, but also tech associations – and also against European publishers ' associations.

    For users this means: for time being, everything remains same on net. We can continue to share links on Facebook, tweet excerpts from articles or upload memes. This sounds megalomaniac unspectacular at first, but sometimes you forget beauty of status quo: a wesentlicherTeil of today's net culture is that you teilenkann things toger. That people give pictures with witty slogans and spread m on internet, that each one of us can quote from clever texts or people can lead whole Diskussionenmit nothing but animated GIFs from films.

    Nor is re any reason to celebrate

    If Parliament had been drafted in its jetzigenForm, including proposed right of performance and introduction of Uploadfilterndurchgewunken, it would have made se everyday joys considerably more difficult. Individuals may have been sued for copyright infringement, Uploadfilterhätten prevented creation of a potential meme after uploading. The decision of European Parliament should be pleased with users.

    Yet re is no reason to celebrate. European copyright reform has only been postponed – it can still come in derForm in which it was designed. Now groups ImEU Parliament can bring forward amendments, presumably from September will be discussed. You could soften existing design, to Verschlimmbessern. The discussion is now only newly opened.

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    With all criticism of current Entwurfdarf, it should be remembered that a reform of EU copyright law is overdue. The previous regulation dates from year 2001, from today viewed DenUrzeiten of Internet. At that time re were no social networks like Facebook and Twitternoch, neir video platforms like YouTube or Nachrichtenaggregatorenwie Google News. The reform should and must be copyright to changed Situationanpassen. The fact that initiative was first launched in 2016 is one of more astonishing side-issues of debate.

    In particular, article 11and 13: The Performance protection Law and uploaders will remain controversial. Publishers who are organized in European press associations hope that performance law will no longer be able to copy articles on Internet Ausschnittweisevon third parties and n distribute m free of charge. IhreArgumentation: If Google News takes a teaser or a title Empireand earns money, search engine should also pay shares to right holder of text.

    Date Of Update: 06 July 2018, 12:02

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