EU exit: Theresa May takes Brexit negotiations into his own hands

With its plans for EU withdrawal, the British Prime Minister has upset parts of her cabinet. From now on Theresa May wants to negotiate with the EU in person.

EU exit: Theresa May takes Brexit negotiations into his own hands

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May intends to conduct Brexit negotiations with EU in future. The Brexit minister, who has been responsible for this, will represent her, and may shared with British Parliament. Your Cabinet Office will assume "overall responsibility for preparing and conducting negotiations", communication states.

The Brexit Ministry, on or hand, should focus on domestic policy preparations for United Kingdom's planned EU exit in March. It is essential for British government to be organised "in most effective way" in management of negotiations, may justified decision.

Opposition: New Brexit minister already in offside

The opposition Labour party ruled that in this way, new Brexit minister Dominic Raab would be put in political offside before he even found his role. Mays's influential Brexit consultant, Olly Robbins, however, constrained before a parliamentary committee that he doubted that Prime minister would take direct talks with EU negotiator Michel Barnier. This is still case in Raabs task area. He had taken over office about two weeks ago after resignation of Brexit-hardliner David Davis.

Raab said to Committee, Robbins, and he had always worked "very closely" with May. In his own words, he also hopes that Britain will agree on a Brexit agreement with EU by October. Raab had met with Barnier in Brussels last week. Anor meeting, according to Raab, is scheduled for this week.

Davis, like Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, resigned from protest against Mays Brexit course. May also strives for close links with EU after Brexit. On or hand, re are fierce protests in Europe-sceptic wing of Mays's Conservative party.

The negotiations between EU and United Kingdom have barely made any progress in last few. Both sides refore warned against fact that no agreement could be reached at all and that Britain could leave EU unordered. This no-deal scenario is not targeted by any side. But everyone should prepare for it, last week EU urged all its member States and companies concerned.

Date Of Update: 25 July 2018, 12:02

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