EU limit values: excessive ammonia emissions

German agriculture has been violating the EU limit values for ammonia for years. An infringement procedure of the European Commission is possible without countermeasures.

EU limit values: excessive ammonia emissions

Germany is in danger of trouble with EU commission. Because it reaches far more harmful ammonia into environment, as EU limit is allowed. This is reported by new Osnabrück newspaper, citing answer to a question from FDP Bundestag Group (PDF). In year 2015, 670,000 tonnes of ammonia ausgestoßenworden, 2016 according to Bundesagrarministeriums were still 662,000 – Dasliegt about 38 percent above EU limit.

"Deutschlandhat measures to reduce ammonia emissions announced, diejedoch so far have not led to a decline in GemeldetenGesamtemissionen," said a spokeswoman EU commission of new Osnabrücker Zeitung. If Federal Republic of Emissions, European Commission could initiate infringement proceedings.

According to Bundesregierung, 95 percent of ammonia emissions are generated in derLandwirtschaft. It reaches environment via air in or via slurry undGärreste and endangers ecosystems here. According to Einerinzwischen decree, DeutscheAmmoniakausstoß must fall to less than 440,000 tonnes

"Great but also necessary task"

"DieVorgaben will ruin many respectable farmers," said FDP MEP Karlheinz bosom of NeuenOsnabrücker Zeitung. In contrast, Schleswig-Holstein's Environment Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) spoke of a "big but also necessary task". The federal government must quickly implement countermeasures. "In end, this problem also shows us that we will not come around to ask ourselves extent to which animal husbandry in Germany is possible without polluting environment via Gebührzu," said federal President of Greens.

On or hand, UdoHemmerling, Vice--secretary general of Farmers ' Association, said: "Esmuss be avoided that planned reduction targets accelerate denStrukturwandel in agriculture and lead to transfer of livestock to foreign countries."

It's second reminder to Germany in a short time, because it has violated environmental requirements. A good week ago, European Court of Justice had already condemned Germany for hohenNitratbelastung of waters.

Date Of Update: 02 July 2018, 12:02

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