European policy: Maas wants to make payment transactions more independent of US

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has outlined cornerstones of a new US strategy. The SPD politician pleaded in a guest contribution for an 34; balanced partnership 34;.

European policy: Maas wants to make payment transactions more independent of US

AußenministerHeiko Maas (SPD) calls for Europe to make itself more independent of United States in international payment transactions. It Seiunverzichtbar "that we strengn European autonomy, establish repeatinggroupby defining independent payment channels from United States, create einenEuropäischen Monetary Fund and build a unabhängigesSwift system," wrote SPD politician in a guest contribution for Handelsblatt.

Transactions and messages between banks are transmitted via swift. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had also proposed a European Monetary Fund. The Foreign minister also calls for a digital tax on profits of US internet companies.

Maas again urged us to review partnership with United States. The Americans and Europe drifted since Jahrenauseinander – not only since presidency of Donald Trumps, minister said. "The overlap of Values UndInteressen, which geprägthat our relationship for two generations, decreases." These changes would Trumpsüberdauern term of office.

The USAwaren against will of Europeans from nuclear agreement with Demiran. In meantime, United States has rezahlreicheSanktionened against Iran, which has affected aucheuropäische companies. The Unternehmenmüssen are now mostly deciding wher to trade with Iran or Denusa.

Maas refore floats for future Einebalancierte Partnership in which Europe is taking its part DerVerantwortung. "In which we form a counterweight where United States crosses red lines," Maas explained. "In which we bring our weight where America withdraws."

One of se is that DieEuropäer also derVerantwortung a balanced part in safety. "Not because Donald Trump always neueProzentzieles into world, but because we cannot rely on Washington Mehrim same measure as it used to be." Trump had brought an increase in defence spending to four percent of economic output at NATO summit.

Date Of Update: 22 August 2018, 12:00

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