Evangelical Christians: Because God wants it

Evangelical Christians support Donald Trump. Sins, scandals and hostile politics do not matter as long as the White House embodies the Christian counter-revolution.

Evangelical Christians: Because God wants it
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    "I want to follow Apostle Paulzitieren and his clear and instructive command in Roman Epistle 13, government that has been appointed by God for this purpose." This sentence was said by US Attorney general Jeff Sessions on June 14 at Fort Wayne in Indiana. It was an attempt to appease Christian critics of DerRegierungspolitik. At time, various US government agencies were still trying to deny that SystematischKinder were separated from ir parents at border with Mexico. But since April, zero tolerance rule has been applied: all illegally entered were arrested and accused. Wermit His children, was separated from m. "Illegal entry into DieUSA is a crime," said Believer Methodist sessions, and crime must be punished. The consistent undfaire application of law is in itself good and moral, so did God Esgewollt.

    God wants it that way, this is an argument with which one can justify in USAPolitik. How much religion and politics are in USAverquickt is seen in events such as FreedomSunday. On June 24th, Baptist preacher Robert Jeffress asked for a patriotic service in his Megachurchnach Dallas, Texas. Stars and Stripes adorned whole church, veterans Inuniform saluted. In his sermon, Jeffress stated that United States is a Christian nation. Without right faith, American society would be at bottom: "If our nation Sichvon God, n no written constitution in our country can still provide for order."

    Enjoy se highlights from FreedomSunday at @FirstDallas. Https://t.co/kZUfbKtUFS PIC.TWITTER.COM/5HPWOGPQGF

    — Dr. Robert Jeffress (@robertjeffress) June 28, 2018 most Christian government in recent history

    Jeffress is not a marginal figure. He reaches a million audiences via television undRadioübertragungen, but above all has a direct connection to White House. He prays with Trump, advises him in faith. He held sermon that Trump visited before he swore SeinenAmtseid. Trump, Jeffress once said, is a "gift of God who wants to heal land."

    One can certainly call Trump's government a derchristlichsten of recent history. In addition to Jeff Sessions, Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo, Education Minister Betsy DeVos and especially vice President Mike Pence are evangelical Christians and decidedly Christian politicians, as well as derMinister for urban development and housing Ben Carson and EnergieministerRick Perry. Many cabinet members are members of a weekly Bible circle, a tradition that has not maintained an American government for 100 years.

    Evangelicalism as a growing mass movement

    Conservative Christians not only sit in government, y also trumps perhaps most important support in population. "I think that God's hand has intervened to prevent ungodly, aistischprogressive agenda from taking control," Twitterteder influential evangelical preacher Franklin Graham after election. White evangelical Christians voted 81 percent for Trump, but president's personality ensures that alliance between right power and white Christianity is less self-evident than under George W. Bush. Donald Trump's closest supporters also claim that he does not meet demands of Christian morality as a person. Everyone knows about his sexuelleUntreue and his bragging about sexual abuse.

    Evangelicalism is re area growing mass religion, more than 40 percent of us Americans call mselves Gallup-Umfragenzufolge itself as evangelical. They are in a long tradition of American free churches, which represent a literal interpretation of Bible and Eineun indirect relationship with Jesus marked by revival experiences. To be evangelical is a write-up which in principle can give itself to any baptized self. It is also a name that many larger churches claim to be, including Methodist and Baptists in United States, but also parts of Anglicans in United Kingdom. Baptist Megachurchesin Texas suburbs, African-American churches in Chicago, HarteFundamentalisten, who mselves reject a secular upbringing in state Schulenfür ir children, y all find place under label Evangelical.

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