Everything that's changing this June 1: Family book, mortgage, and life insurance

You can rest assured that there will not be any increase in gas prices this month.

Everything that's changing this June 1: Family book, mortgage, and life insurance

You can rest assured that there will not be any increase in gas prices this month. The government has extended its price protection for gas up to the end of 2022. The regulated prices remain the same as October 1, 2021. The State has capped the electricity price increase at 4% in February 2022. This is nothing new. We need to look deeper for changes in June 1. These include measures regarding home loans and their insurance as well as life insurance contracts and retirement savings programs. A new family booklet has been created, which is symbolically more inclusive.

It's a measure to justice: Former patients with hepatitis C and cancer will be eligible, starting June 1, five years after their recovery (in the absence of any relapse) to apply for a mortgage under the same conditions as other borrowers. This right to be forgotten used to last ten years. It was not applicable for cancers that were discovered after the age of 21.

After negotiation between the State and the professional insurance and banking associations, patient associations, and consumers, this provision will be extended in a second stage to include other chronic diseases such as diabetes. In the event of a failure to reach an agreement, this extension will not be granted until July 31, 2022. The site will be specified by a Council of State decree.

Publication in the Official Journal of March 1, 2022. The law to make the borrower market more fair, simple, and transparent also eliminates the need for a medical questionnaire for loans less than 200,000 euro. However, repayments must be made before the borrower turns sixty. Insurers may not request a medical exam of the insured.

This law, the Lemoine law is also available to terminate and change borrower insurance at any given time. This law will be in effect from June 1, 2022, for new loans, as well as September 1, 2022 for existing contracts. After several texts on the subject, it facilitates the renegotiation and adjustment of insurance conditions in order to obtain a better rate or better terms.

In this regard, every year, policyholders should be notified by insurers.

A new innovation is still being implemented in the banking industry: producers and distributors of Life Insurance and Retirement Savings Plan contracts (PER) will be required to post the costs on their websites starting June 1. This is in accordance with a standard table that was established under the auspices of a common agreement and overseen by the Ministry of the Economy.

This table must be posted on each producer's website. It will contain information in identical categories so subscribers can compare entry fees, annual costs (depending upon the type of fund and management and punctual) (arbitration and exit, transfer to another contract ...), details Service.public.fr.

The latest news for June will be available at the bank, but we won't be leaving it. It will take effect starting June 13. This simplifies the rights to open a bank account. This 1984 system allows customers who have been "failed" by banks to open bank accounts. It was simplified by a March 13 decree.

Flagship measure in the reform: Anyone who requests to open a bank accounts and does not receive an answer within 15 days can turn to the Banque de France. According to the government website, the latter will designate an establishment near the applicant's residence or at his place of choice. This establishment must give the client the necessary documents within three days after it is designated. The designated bank institution must inform the Banque de France if it isn't required to open an account.

For the sake of simplicity, a customer whose account would be closed by their bank will still be able activate the right to the accounts, even before expiration of the closing notice. This will ensure the banking continuity for the person concerned.

The new family record book model will be available starting June 1, 2022. It incorporates recent family law reforms, according to Service-public.fr. This includes medically assisted procreation, the new rule regarding the choice of name and the reform of adoption...

According to the May 3rd 2022 decree, filiation can be established for couples of women who use PMA. The woman who gives birth is the sole designated in the act of giving birth. Filiation for the other woman is established by the concomitant acknowledgment before the notary and consent to medically assisted reproduction. One of the women, or the person responsible for declaring birth to the civil registryar, gives advance joint recognition. This is indicated on the birth certificate. In the first section is the identity of the mother who gave birth to the baby.

The new booklet adapts to the most recent regulations regarding the change of name. This is simplified when it relates to a filiation-related name. It will be possible to change your surname through a simple declaration to civil registry. A person may change their name to be the same as his father, mother or both. This is only possible once in your lifetime. Parents can add their names to the child's file by notifying the other parent. If the child is older than 13, consent will be required.

It will also adapt the new adoption provisions, which are available to PACS couples and cohabitants who have been living together for over a year and more than 26 years. It was only possible to adopt couples if they were married for at least two years and more than 28 years respectively, according to the Service-public.fr website. Couples that were not married had to use the adoption process by one parent.

The new booklet also allows parents to declare the first and last names for a child who has died. This is in addition to registering the death certificate for an adult child.

These family booklets won't be available in France starting June 1st, as the town halls have the authority to sell their stock of old models. The site specifies.

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