Exhaust scandal: Consumer activists announce lawsuit against VW

In the process of Volkswagen investors against the group, the judge suggests a possible success of the plaintiffs. Meanwhile, VW is threatening the next pattern process.

Exhaust scandal: Consumer activists announce lawsuit against VW
  • Page 1 — consumer activists announce lawsuit against VW
  • Page 2 — judge: VW could have informed capital market too late
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    The sample process of investors against Volkswagen due to discharges scandal has just begun – automobile group has to adjust to next claim for compensation. The Federal Association DerVerbraucherschützer (VZBV), toger with ADAC EineMusterfeststellungsklage, wants to lead to software manipulation in diesel vehicles, as VZBV has shared. Both organizations want to introduce lawsuit on Wednesday.

    With pattern feststellungsklage, consumers can zuKlagegemeinschaften toger. However, you can not complain yourself, but must look at pattern feststellungsklage of a Verbandesanschließen. The grand coalition had introduced this action in particular with Blickauf limitation periods in VW diesel scandal. Schadensersatzansprüchevon Diesel car owners run at end of 2018.

    The VZBV wants to ride a compensation for owners of VonVW diesel cars, whose wagons are not as environmentally friendly as VomWerk indicated. Over two million car owners are oretically considered.

    Clear criticism of Martin Winter Korn

    In a first step, Derklagende Association must work out cases of ten affected persons and file an action on this. If court considers action admissible, Sieöffentlich will be made known. Then a lawsuit register is opened at Federal Office of Justice. Or interested parties must report re: Within two months at least 50 people – 40 in addition to first 10. If re are not enough affected persons, no pattern feststellungsklage is possible.

    It was not until Monday before Court of Appeal that Braunschweigein had a process of shareholders against Volkswagen and main owner Porsche SEbegonnen. This is about question of wher car company has too late over Abgasmanipulationeninformiert and thus responsible for financial losses of mooring. The presiding Judge Christian Jäde criticized on Tuesday DasVerhalten of former VW boss Martin Winter Korn and did not want to rule out that VW could have capital market too late over Manipulationeninformiert.

    Winter grain had not informed facts sufficiently aufgeklärtund after having experienced so-called damage table date in July 2015 from technical Veränderungenzur of exhaust gas manipulation in USA, Jäde said. In case of a "bona fide agent" it would be assumed that he had followed information. "But that is not what happened," said judge.

    Date Of Update: 12 September 2018, 12:00

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