Exhaust scandal: Scheuer to threaten Daimler billion fine

The Transport Minister suspects prohibited software in 750,000 Daimler vehicles. According to a report, this could threaten the group with a penalty of almost 4 billion euros.

Exhaust scandal: Scheuer to threaten Daimler billion fine

Due to possible exhaust manipulation, Daimler is threatening to report an allowance of 3.75 billion euros. At meeting with Group chairman Dieter Zetsche, federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Andreas Scheuer expressed suspicion that in 750,000 vehicles of Mercedes an improper cleaning system was installed, Mirror reported without sources. He can charge up to 5,000 euros per vehicle.

At end of May, Federal Motor Vehicle (KBA) had ordered a recall of 4,900 transporters of type Vito in which y had detected "unacceptable shutdown devices". Now it has to be checked wher technology is also used in or Mercedes-Benz models, authority under Ministry of Transport announced.

The study on C-class diesel models is already well advanced, says report. The evidence is "overwhelming" from point of view of transport authorities. Even within two-week period until next meeting of Zetsche and Scheuer, Daimler representatives are to be invited to KBA to Flensburg for consultation. This involves at least 80,000 cars, which are also threatened with a call-back.

Daimler announces opposition to

Daimler had disputed accusations to very last. "The functions are part of a complex exhaust gas purification system", it was said after decision became known. The accusation that programming of engine control should not comply with current regulations will also be clarified in court.

After meeting with Scheuer at Montagnicht, Zetsche had seen that company could Problemedrohen larger. When he left ministry, he said it had been "a good conversation", on whose content confidentiality had been agreed.

Date Of Update: 02 June 2018, 12:02

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