Fake news: Facebook and Twitter Delete hundreds of propaganda accounts

Only Microsoft, now Facebook and Twitter: The corporations are stepping up against manipulative activities. They were to be controlled from Iran and Russia.

Fake news: Facebook and Twitter Delete hundreds of propaganda accounts

Facebook and Twitter are going against suspicious activity in ir Internet networks. Out of concern about foreign influence on forthcoming US congressional elections, both US corporations have blocked hundreds of accounts that are supposed to have pursued political interests of Iran and Russia in case of Facebook. As Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg communicated in a conference call with journalists, it was a coordinated action of 652 interrelated accounts, pages and groups from Iran and presumably from Russian military geheimdiensts were operated. Twitter blocked 284 accounts, which according to company were used for a "coordinated manipulation".

According to Zuckerberg, ban is result of a total of four investigations – three with reference to Iran, one with reference to Russia. In first, a group called Liberty Front Press was involved, which had launched several accounts on Facebook and Instagram. They followed 155,000 or accounts and y had Facebook links to Iranian state media. Political content revolved around Middle East, Great Britain and United States. A second group, which in turn was in contact with Liberty Front Press, tried to hack user accounts and spread malicious programs. A third group that also operated out of Iran had 813,000 followers and spread same content as first.

A tipster called FireEye

The Cybersecurityfirma FireEye announced to have informed Facebook about Liberty Front press. The group's aim was to spread Iranian political interests, "including Antisaudiarabischer, Antiisraeli and Propalestinian issues." Twitter shared, even in your case, you respond to a tip from FireEye. The influence had already begun last year. Zuckerberg said, "We're still investigating and re's a lot of things we don't know yet."

As early as August, Facebook had announced that it had deleted 32 user accounts and pages on Facebook and Instagram. These, too, should have been involved in influencing US policy before forthcoming mid-term elections. Since last year, group has been striving for stronger action against such political influence. At that time, network was in place, Russians were trying to influence US presidential election 2016 via Facebook. According to Zuckerberg, several similar investigations are underway.

Microsoft vs. hackers

As early as day before, software company Microsoft had taken control of six deceptively real-looking webdomains that computer users could be lured to infect ir devices with malware. Similarly, probably same hacker group in US presidential campaign 2016 had broken into Democratic Party's computer systems and had stolen data on a large scale. Microsoft's view is that network attacks on US Senate and conservative think tanks have been prepared with a view to next major round of United States in November.

Some of domains aroused impression of being connected to Microsoft services. They were registered by a hacker group, which is in west under names APT28, fancy bear, strontium or Sofacybekannt, shared Microsoft. Among or things, it is presumed to be behind hacker attack on Bundestag 2015. According to western experts, group is backed by Russian intelligence services. The Kremlin immediately rejected all accusations.

Updated Date: 23 August 2018, 12:00

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