Federal Constitutional Court: Public Prosecutor's Office may evaluate internal VW files

Volkswagen has failed with constitutional complaints against the seizure of records of the diesel scandal. This was right, the Constitutional Court decided.

Federal Constitutional Court: Public Prosecutor's Office may evaluate internal VW files

At Munich law firm Jones Day, Public Prosecutor's Office may evaluate confiscated internal documents of Volkswagen for diesel scandal. This was decided by third Chamber of second Senate of Federal Constitutional Court, as Court of first Thus, by securing documents, Volkswagen was neir violated in its right to informational self-determination nor in its right to a fair trial. The constitutional complaints of Jones Day held Constitutional Court inadmissible because law firm had its seat abroad and refore could not rely on DeutscheGrundrechte.

Volkswagen announced after decision to cooperate with State authorities in processing of diesel scandal. The Group welcomed fact that decision of Federal Constitutional Court "clarified open legal questions" had been created, even if court did not share legal opinion of company, group reported. VW will continue to cooperate with State authorities, including decision of Federal Constitutional Court, "he continued.

In mid-March 2017, investigators had searched law firm Jones Day at request of Prosecutor. The question was who was involved in manipulated exhaust gas software. VW as well as law firm and lawyers working re submitted constitutional complaints. Almost a year ago, Constitutional Court stopped evaluation of documents until constitutional actions were decided.

Jones Day has been working on exhaust gas scandal for VW since September 2015 intern. Staff discussions were also held.

The Volkswagen Group has been manipulating diesel cars for years so that y only observe emission limit values on test bench, but not on road. The scam was discovered almost three years ago in United States, and company was able to tamper with it. Eleven million vehicles are affected worldwide, most of m in Europe.

Date Of Update: 06 July 2018, 12:02

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