Federal employment Agency: Unemployment rises slightly in August

This month, 2,351,000 people have been unemployed, the rate rose by 0.1 percent compared to July. This is the lowest August value since 1991.

Federal employment Agency: Unemployment rises slightly in August

During summer recess, number of unemployed in Germany rose to 2,351,000 in August. However, this is lowest value for this month since year 1991. Compared to previous month, number of job seekers increased by 26,000, compared to prior year, it decreased by 194,000, as Federal Employment Agency (BA) in Nuremberg. The unemployment rate rose by 0.1 points to 5.2 percent.

"Unemployment has risen slightly in August as expected. The increase was seasonal, "said BA chief Detlef Scheele. In summer, many school leavers and training graduates are initially unemployed. Companies are also more likely to be restrained during company holidays.

Unemployment and underemployment had been reduced in seasonally adjusted terms, said Scheele. The unemployment rate adjusted for seasonal effects was 2,330,000. According to this, about 8,000 men and women were less unworked than in July – number decreased roughly same in West as in east. Scheele said that German labour market is still developing favorably.

Sub-employment, which also includes people who are taking part in training, for example, was 3,236,000. It dropped by 18,000 compared to previous month. At federal agency in August at same time about 828,000 vacancies were reported, 62,000 more than a year ago.

According to latest data from Federal Statistical Office in July, number of people employed was 44,950,000 – which is an increase of 46,000 compared to previous month. Compared to previous year, re were 574,000 more workers.

The increase is due solely to more employment in social security sector. According to federal agency's forecasts from May to June, this has increased in seasonally adjusted 55,000. Thus, 32,870,000 people in Germany last had a regular job – 704,000 more than a year earlier.

Date Of Update: 31 August 2018, 12:00

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