Federal Statistical office: number of workers in Germany continues to grow

Compared with the same month last year, the number of workers in Germany has increased again. The number of unemployed continued to decline.

Federal Statistical office: number of workers in Germany continues to grow

The number of people employed in Germany is growing steadily. In May 2018, according to preliminary calculations of Federal Statistical Office, about 44.7 million persons with residence in Germany were employed. Thus, 1.5 million people were unemployed in May.

As a result, number of people employed increased by 1.4 percent or 597,000 compared to May 2017. Already in months January to April 2018, ir number was 1.4 per cent higher than in respective month of previous year.

Compared to April 2018, number of workers increased by 120,000 people or 0.3 percent. The Federal Statistical Office will return this to annual spring revival. There has been a similar increase in last five years from April to May. Seasonally adjusted, i.e. after calculation of seasonal fluctuations, number of employees rose by 37,000 persons or 0.1 percent compared to April 2018.

The number of unemployed persons in May was 1,470,000. That's 82,000 less than in May a year earlier. Compared to April, number decreased by 3.3 percent or 50,000 persons.

Adjusted for seasonal effects, number of unemployed persons was 1,480,000, which means that around 9,000 people were lower than in previous month. The adjusted unemployment rate was 3.4 percent in May this year.

Unemployment rate drops to 5 percent

The employment agency also announced unemployment figures for June. The numbers of unemployed and unemployed differ from each or, since authorities use different definitions. At federal agency in June 2,276,000 people were reported unemployed. That is 40,000 less than in May and 197,000 less than a year ago. The unemployment rate thus decreased by 0.1 percentage point to 5.0 percent.

If one calculates seasonal fluctuations, according to BA, unemployment decreased by 15,000 people compared to May – in west by 11,000, in east by 4,000.

"The labour market is still developing favorably," said BA chief Detlef Scheele. Unemployment and underemployment would have decreased again, employment in social security sector would grow, and demand for Labour would continue to be brisk. "However, dynamism in labour market has recently eased slightly."

Under-employment, which also includes people who are currently participating in training, was 3,240,000 people. In comparison with previous month, it decreased by 16,000.

Date Of Update: 29 June 2018, 12:02

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