Fish die: Many dead fish in the Rhine

The heat has led to a fish dying in the Upper Rhine. Swiss fishermen accuse their German colleagues at Lake Constance of continuing to catch affected species.

Fish die: Many dead fish in the Rhine

The current heat wave has led to a massive fish die in upper Rhine between Lake Constance and Basel. On Swiss side, more than a thousand fish have already ended, Swiss fishing association shared. Around a ton of dead fish was collected at weekend.

The main concerns are Grayling, which favour temperatures below 23 degrees. In parts of high Rhine water temperature is already at 27 degrees. The Swiss authorities started in July with protective measures against a fish death. Between Lake Constance and Schaffhausen, six cold water pools were excavated, for example at influxes of colder streams. Thousands of fish are now accumulating at pools.

Accusations against German fishermen

The Swiss association raised accusations against some German Bodensee fishermen. Instead of participating in rescue of fish, y would sell more grayling to restaurants. "A number of restaurants offer grayling on map – this often happens in secret and fish are prized as ' by-catch ' when asked," criticized association. "While fishermen on Rhine are fighting incessantly with all available forces and to exhaustion of every single fish, at untersee and sea spout by some German professional fishermen mercilessly capital is beaten from current situation." This "feeding scandal" is "unbelievable and shocking" in view of situation.

The Chairman of Fisheries Association Untersee and Rhein, Stefan Riebel, rejected accusations. A single fisherman caught eight grayling in a privately-owned area last week, probably landed in gastronomy. He did not know why accusations would come. "I find that very unfortunate, it poisons situation," said Riebel. "You should now stick toger and look for solutions and not start a small war." The situation in Untersee, which is part of Lake Constance, is quite relaxed. "It's nothing conspicuous."

Already in hot summer of 2003, according to a study by Swiss Federal Office for Environment at least 50,000 grayling in Rhine was killed. Wher a similar development can be halted is questionable. "The prognosis is bleak," said conservation officer of Swiss Fishing association, Samuel Gründler, last week.

The waters of Baden-Württemberg are also warmed up. According to State Institute for Environment, water temperatures of Rhine, Neckar and Danube are in part over 26 degrees. According to competent ministry, this has not yet led to a major fish death. Different types of fish react differently to heat.

Date Of Update: 07 August 2018, 12:00

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