Fourth day of inconclusive deliberations for Holmes jury

SAN JOSE (AP) -- Monday's fourth day of deliberations by the jury weighing fraud charges against Elizabeth Holmes, former CEO of Theranos, ended without reaching a verdict. Holmes faces 11 criminal charges for allegedly deceiving investors and patients by hailing the blood-testing technology of her company as a medical breakthrough, when it was in fact prone to wild errors.

Fourth day of inconclusive deliberations for Holmes jury

After absorbing numerous pieces of evidence in a high-profile trial, which has captured Silicon Valley's attention, the eight jurors and four women have met in a San Jose federal courthouse.

Two notes were sent by jurors to U.S. District Judge Edward Davila last week. One was a quick rejected request to send their instructions home for further study, and the other allowed them to replay a 2013 recording in which Holmes discussed Theranos' dealings regarding potential investors.

The jury concluded Monday's session without giving any indications of how far it is in its deliberations. The jury will resume its discussion Tuesday morning.

This case attracted international attention. The story centers on Holmes' rise and fall. Holmes started Theranos at 19 years old after dropping out of college. She then used her fundraising skills and bold claims to break the male-dominated Silicon Valley culture. She was accused of being more of a charlatan and less of an entrepreneur before she became a billionaire.

Holmes, now 37 years old, spent seven days in the witness stand, acknowledging that she made mistakes and made bad decisions, while insisting that she believed Theranos was poised to revolutionize health care.

Holmes spent many years promising Theranos that it would be possible to scan for hundreds diseases and other health issues with just a few drops from blood. Instead of using vials of blood drawn directly from a vein, Holmes promised that Theranos could do the same.

Theranos was so convinced by the idea that they raised over $900 million and formed partnerships with Walgreens and Safeway. Holmes was the cover story for business magazines.

However, most people don't know that Theranos' blood-testing technology was flawed. It often produced inaccurate results, which could have put patients at risk.

Theranos was exposed for its flaws in 2015 and 2016. In 2016, Theranos collapsed. The Justice Department filed a criminal case against Holmes in 2018. Holmes was charged with 11 felony fraud and conspiracy counts.

Holmes could spend up to 20 years in federal jail if convicted.

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