Fuchsia: Google's new operating system could replace Android

The US company refers to the project Fuchsia only as an experiment. In fact, it could replace the dominant operating system Android, say insider.

Fuchsia: Google's new operating system could replace Android

For two years, re have been signs that Google is building on a new operating system: Fuchsia should work on smartphone, notebook and on networked sensors. The software can also replace Android operating system, which currently runs on 86 percent of all mobile phones. The conjectures are largely based on a documentary that Google published on GitHub developer portal, woTeile of code are publicly viewable.

The Bloomberg Financial service has now, for first time, spoken with people who have more information about development of system. The report confirms majority of previous assumptions. The system is designed to demnachstärker on language interaction and more frequent security updates. It is thought to use fuchsia within three years on networked loudspeakers with language assistants, n on larger computers. So far, Google relies on laptops for in-house operating system Chrome OS.

A roadmap of company's top is missing

The team is striving to replace old Android operating system with fuchsia within five years, says report. But re are internal debates about design and functions. In addition, company's head had not approved a roadmap. The US company from Mountain View refers to work on Fuchsia as an experiment. The company also denied desire to merge Android and Chrome OS.

Fuchsia is supposed to be based on a new kernel. In such a core, data and processes are organized, it is basis for each operating system. The new software should be based on a kernel called magenta, which Google developed itself. For Android and Chrome OS, Google uses a freely available kernel called Linux. More than 100 employees are to work on new software.

It was only on Wednesday that European Union had imposed a record competition penalty against Google. In opinion of European Commission, company has abused its dominant position in market with its operating system Android.

Date Of Update: 20 July 2018, 12:02

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