Gamescom: The new game console is called smartphone

Gaming is becoming mobile: instead of playing on the video game console, more and more people are gambling on the smartphone. This changes the computer game industry – and the game culture.

Gamescom: The new game console is called smartphone
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    The gamers have made it comfortable at Gamescom. Brought up camping chairs, Papphockernder game publishers printed with advertising messages or simply sitting on floor, wait in DerMessehalle to be able to endlichdrankommen and play blockbuster. With up to six hours waiting time you have to reckon. And how do you sell Ambesten? Of course with games.

    On all possible portable game consoles Daddeln The Gamerinnenund gamer, wher on Nintendo 3DS or on new switch. And, of course, on phone. Some arrange same-colored candies in same row, some draw black-and-white blocks of classic Tetris on ir screen, some fight through Dasaktuelle hype-game on Nite. Spielenals pastime before playing.

    For computer game industry, this dispersed type of gaming promises a huge growth market. Not high-gloss products for Xbox, PlayStation and PC drive sales up, but mobile games for Smartphonesund tablets. According to industry association game in first half of 2018, market for game apps grew by 40 percent compared to previous year. And for first time, smartphone itself has surpassed previous class Primus, PC.

    The success of mobile gaming is based on availability: EineVideospielkonsole is not cheap, a potent gaming pc quite expensive, Aberein smartphone have now almost all. In order to play on mobile phone, no shop visit, no media, no umständlichenHardwareinstallation. The games are available to thousands in app stores and Sindmit installed at touch of a button, even on go. Sometimes y don't cost maletwas. So smartphone becomes always available game console in jacket pocket.

    When Grandmas also play games

    Due to availability, target group also changes: Because DasSmartphone has arrived in all generations, mobile games have also spread to all age groups. Thus, game Association can proudly announce that now more than 40 percent of German Daddeln. Meanwhile, sind28 percent of "users of digital games" 50 years or older. On or hand, proportion of most traditional gamers in German Gamerschaftfällt, under age of 19.

    The shift in age groups also involves a change derGameskultur. Because an important new buyer layer for game apps're not more already passionate gamer, but rar groups that would never buy a console. And se people behave andersals typical gamer: y often do not read Gameszeitschriften or websites anymore, but play what is already popular anyway.

    "The confrontation with medium becomes very superficial," says Jana Reinhardt, spokeswoman for indie Arena booth, in which more than 80 independent developers from Germany and world present mselves on derGamescom. "Most of m just look into charts of app stores Undladen some game from top ten." For industry, it is a problem that new "gamers" no longer read magazines or have informed mselves on net. Because for developers it is immerschwieriger to sell games with new ideas: As long as you do not have a "riesigesMarketingbudget or a fat brand", it is almost impossible to be present on DemMarkt for mobile games, says Reinhardt .

    Date Of Update: 25 August 2018, 12:00

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