German-Russian writer: Oleg Yuriev is dead

The German-Russian author was known for his plays and poems on subjects such as antisemitism. Now Oleg Yuriev died at the age of 58 years.

German-Russian writer: Oleg Yuriev is dead

Oleg Yuriev is dead. Like his Verlagmitteilte, German-Russian writer died on night of Thursday at age of 58Jahren. "With Oleg Yuriev we all lose a wonderful author – and DieLiteratur has lost a great and tireless champion for IhreSache", Teilteder criminal publisher, in which Yuriev published.

1959inSankt Petersburg born studied JurjewWirtschaftsmamatikund system ory at local College of Economics financial Affairs. In year 1984 he wrote his first stage play, Späterkamen essays, book reviews and prose. In letztenJahren of Soviet Union he worked as a translator from Englischensowie as author of children's books and poems. Numerous Stückevon him were listed in Russia.

Seit1991 lived Jurjewzusammen with his wife, DerAutorin Olga Martynova, and his son, translator Daniel Yuriev, in Frankfurt am Main.

Antisemitism was one of his main literary mes

Yuriev, himself son of assimilated Jews, dealt much with antisemitism in his literary work. In his work as a columnist he also wrote about world literature. "It was about keeping poetry and literature up against mundane and everyday," writes his publisher.

He published in Russian as well as in German translation DieRomane FrankfurterStier, Spaziergängeunter Hohlmond, new golem or War of Children and Greiseund Dierussische Frachtsowie several dramas and numerous essays and articles zurLiteratur. Last published by Yuriev in two mirrors. Poems and choirs, a revised new edition of his novel HalbinselJudatin, and – year 2017 – his first RomanUnbekannteBriefe written in German.

SeineWerkewurden has won many awards. Thus he won 1988 with SeinemTheaterstück KomischeGeschichten for Schattenaterden competition of Russian Theatre Association. 2010erhielt Yuriev Hilde-Domin prize for literature in exile of city of Heidelberg, endowed with 15,000 euros. His texts Wurdenins translated into German, French, English, Italian, Czech, Polish and Bulgarian.

Condolence book

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Date Of Update: 07 July 2018, 12:02

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