Giovanni Tria: Italian finance minister for whereabouts in the eurozone

34; A euro exit is not question 34;: This is what Italy's finance minister Giovanni Tria said in an interview. He wanted to move the country's debt reduction.

Giovanni Tria: Italian finance minister for whereabouts in the eurozone

Italy's new finance minister, Giovanni Tria, wants to guarantee Italy's whereabouts in euro. The Government's position is clear, he said to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. "A withdrawal from euro is not a question." The Italian Government was determined to prevent, in all circumstances, conditions that would lead to an exit, minister said. As Minister of Economic Affairs, it is his duty to ensure that Italy's affiliation in euro is undisputed.

Tria assured that it would want to push ahead with reduction of high government debt and curb deficit. The new government, however, relies on stimulating economic growth rar than austerity measures. According to finance minister, Coalition had a programme to based structural reforms that would in turn create better conditions for investment and employment.

During intergovernmental negotiations between populist five-Star Movement and right-wing populist, re were fears that coalition might consider withdrawing from euro. In a draft of government Treaty, re was talk of scenarios for euro phaseout, which no longer appear in final version. Moreover, many saw proposal of parties to make euro and German critic Paolo Savona finance minister as a step towards exit.

Date Of Update: 11 June 2018, 12:02

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