Google: This group is everywhere

Larry Page and Sergey Brin – two names to Google. 20 years ago The duo founded the search engine Google. Today they are governed by a silent global corporation.

Google: This group is everywhere
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    DieGeschichte of great Californian tech companies of present is mostly wrongly told. Namely, isolated along a supposedly unique idea that sounds as mistaken as possible in review, ingenious, doomed to failure. And from all something became. A global corporation, for example. One like Google.

    Einealte Wisdom of Silicon Valley is: first and best is seldom. The with simplest idea does it more often, which has Glückdes right moment on his side.

    Diekorrektere Way of telling a story like this would be following: Manmüsste all similar ideas that existed before and at same time, look at imhistorical context and ask why nothing has become of m. Not a global corporation. At best a footnote in history of valley, but a completely forgotten place. If a Ideedort does not get through, it is discarded, settled, forgotten. As soon as DasWagniskapital is burned and investors lose patience. or dieGründer see that someone is beat you.

    Esgab is a great scene in already great television series Halt and Catch Fire, which is by American computer industry of 1980s and nineties and whose fourth and LetzteStaffel has run over past year. In scene, one of beidenmännlichen protagonists of this fictional, but actual Begebenheitenangelehnten time Geschichtsdramas on ir computer screen – and realizes that search engine, which is in browser that has just entered online Netscape is not that of its start-ups. But that of Yahoo, which is clear: comet, so name of fictitious and much better search engine, will be used Vonniemandem. Because y will be overlooked on net. At that moment alarm of a plastic wristwatch echoes through his office. The alarm tone does not mark a beginning, but end of an idea, a rude awakening.

    Which is a better idea

    DasJahr, in which formerly real-time VergesseneBrowser Netscape was launched, was 1996. Yahoo actually belonged to a total of five search engines that were included in Netscape, Anderenhießen Lycos, Magellan, Excite and InfoSeek. From Lycos exists today Nocheine shrink version, Yahoo has been dying for years a miserable death, AnderenSuchmaschinen have long since disappeared from net.

    Am4. On September 1998, almost two years after Netscape launch, BeidenStanford students Larry Page and Sergey Brin registered a company called Google InsHandelsregister for ir search engine of same name. Since Esbereits had given 20 or sites on net, which did not have anything else but Google: a catalog-like, searchable index of websites present on Internet.

    Brinund page actually came far too late with Google, about five years after force of first semi-functional internet search engine Webcrawl first y generated ir. And major innovation at Google was merely eineVerbesserung of existing: Google sorted search results better because machine weighted m. Essentially according to amount of DerenVerlinkungen, using an algorithm that Larry Page had given his own name for Patentierung1997, PageRank. This initially guaranteed not factual correctness of what was prominently displayed re, Sondernnur that many documents in net related to it and through Google Platzierungbald even more. The idea was simple. And it came at right time of sichdamals expansively enlarging World Wide Web.

    The two biologists Google's founders also had no too much qualms about paying ir Firmavon to or companies to get a better Suchergebnispositionzu. and to place results around soon to display. Sieverdienten money before you could go out. To date, search is Diegroße money machine from Google.

    Date Of Update: 05 September 2018, 12:00