Greece: Greeks strike against austerity policy

Teachers and doctors, journalists, seafarers and air traffic controllers have put their work down in protest against wage cuts. Thousands demonstrated in Athens.

Greece: Greeks strike against austerity policy

In protest against hard austerity, many Greeks have entered strike. There have been problems in ferry, near and air traffic. Public administration and schools remained closed. Doctors in state hospitals treated only emergencies.

Because journalists also laid down work, news on radio and television dropped. Those who wanted to inform mselves about events in world had to switch to Greek-Cypriot or foreign-language channels.

Around noon, according to police estimates, about 8,000 people went to streets in centre of Ans. "No pay cuts, no layoffs, slaves in 21st century we will not," it was said on transparent.

The demonstrations went largely quietly. Only in one case did police put tear gas in order to prevent a group of about 200 demonstrators from reaching offices of Association of Greek Industries in centre of Ans. This was reported by a DPA reporter on spot.

"We protest against austerity (strict austerity), high taxation and unemployment", it was said in a joint statement by largest trade union associations of private and public sector, GSEE and ADEDY. The Greeks have, according to estimates, lost more than a quarter of ir incomes due to financial crisis since 2010.

Third package expires in August

Because air traffic controllers set down ir work between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. local time, some flights fell out. Ors had to be moved. However, airlines had already informed most passengers of changes day before.

The seamen also went on strike. All ferries stayed in port of Piraeus. In Ionian Sea, too, ferries were being striked, as Coast Guard shared. Many islands without an airport were thus cut off from outside world. The trains were also on strike for 24 hours.

The government under left-wing Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras showed sympathy for indignation of citizens, but called her to be patient. The way out of financial crisis will take time and improvement will be gradual and not come from today to tomorrow, Tsipras had said on TV day before.

The third package for Greece since 2010 in amount of up to 86 billion euro expires in August 2018. By n, Ans hopes to have regained necessary confidence in financial markets in order to be able to acquire capital on market again.

Date Of Update: 31 May 2018, 12:02

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