Health: The smartphone hits back

We wear mobile phone around cell phone. But instead of taking this further, the smart phones are putting on the resistance. It threatens: broken neck and burned buttocks.

Health: The smartphone hits back
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    Slipped out of his hand. Dropped off table. sunk in toilet. Too lame. Too old. Too ugly. The life of a smartphone is mostly short – and quite hard: because even though y are piloting us through foreign cities, remembering appointments and securing social contacts, we often rabidly with little helpers. If a phone is destroyed, next one comes. Annoying, such an accident, but just happened! After that, cycle starts from beginning: we destroy, we throw away, we forget.

    But who believes that smartphones of this world would simply accept this, is mistaken. They have long since begun to strike back. Seldom though, but if, n vehemently. The following four – admittedly extreme – cases show what digital gnomes are capable of:

    1. The smartphone is disoriented.

    Running and staring at display – not unusual in big cities. We jostle through streets, but at least we didn't miss latest Instastory. But care: as we stumble through world, smartphones secretly change our gait. Studies suggest that people who use a smartphone and rise above obstacles will fluctuate more and raise ir feet more from ground. (XIV International Symposium on 3d Analysis of human movement: Chen et al., 2016). So you teeter. How perfidious!

    Smartphones also make a disorientation. New York physiorapists have shown that Smartphonenutzer are running slower, more sideways from road, and less remembering how y got to finish line (Gait Posture: Lamberg Muratori, 2012).

    But not enough: if smartphone thinks a particularly inattentive user, it even lures it into street – with bad consequences: Studies in USA show that number of accidents of smartphonenutzenden pedestrians is steadily increasing. Fortunately, such brutal attacks on human health have so far been exception.

    2. The smartphone is damaging to eyes.

    Some vengeful smartphones prefer to strike at home rar than in public. As doctors in renowned medical Journal New England Journal of Medicine describe, y have it on ir eyes (Alim-Marvasti et al., 2016). Two women temporarily blinded smartphone after having lain for quite a while typing and wiping on side. The smartphone blindness, as doctors baptized newly discovered disease picture, y explained: In side position, lower eye was covered by pillows and duvets, only upper one exposed to glaring display. Thus, in retina visual pigments were consumed, a typical process in adaptation to bright light. After getting up, only eye that was concealed from pillow was adapted to darkness, and or women perceived it as temporarily blind.

    Date Of Update: 29 May 2018, 12:02

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