Heat wave: lukewarm drinking, salty food, not forgetting the child in the car

How does our body react to the heat wave? Should you do without sport and eat differently? A doctor explains how to get healthy through the summer.

Heat wave:   lukewarm drinking, salty food, not forgetting the child in the car
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    Online Time: Why do we suffer when re are 35 degrees outside and sun is burning?

    Erika Baum: Our body always produces warmth: it is produced in all chemical metabolic processes, but also during muscular work. Since we are not hot living creatures that adapt to outside temperature, but need a stable body temperature to survive, we have to cool off too much heat. The hotter and wetter it is, harder it falls on body. The result: we have trouble sleeping, feeling limp, getting a headache or not being able to concentrate.

    Erika Baum is president of German Society for General Medicine and Family Medicine (DEGAM) and emeritus professor at Philipps University of Marburg. She worked for 36 years as a house doctor in Hessian Biebertal. © Philip's University of Marburg

    Online Time: How exactly does body cool down?

    Tree: The simplest mechanism is to put vessels far. On arms, on legs and on head, veins emerge. The body sends blood to surface. There it is cooled and n goes back to heart.

    Online Time: But that also brings problems.

    Tree: Yes, when vessels expand, vascular resistance decreases and blood pressure drops. This effect compensates heart by beating a little faster. In addition, now additional vessels must be filled yes. Fluid from blood is pressed into tissue in periphery. To make up for that, we have to drink more. Neverless, re are distribution problems. Just when we stand, blood in legs is sagging. Then sometimes re is not enough in head and thus in brain and we get dizzy. In extreme cases, we can even lose consciousness.

    Online Time: And what about sweating?

    Tree: Sweating also serves to cool down. When perspiration evaporates, it draws heat from environment. This is called evaporative cold. Of course, this only works if air is not completely saturated with water. The drier it is, more effective it is to sweat. This is why many people are particularly affected by a thunderstorm. Temperatures are still high, but humidity is increasing. In such a wear, body temperature can only be reduced by evaporation. On or hand, we feel that draught or wind is pleasant because it can evaporate more perspiration.

    Online Time: Now we are not only sweating water, but also electrolytes, especially salt. Can this be dangerous?

    Tree: Yes, especially for older people. In addition, if you take against age-related hypertension drainage tablets, a sodium deficiency may occur. And at worst it leads to confusion. In general, more people sweat, more salt y need. Actually, you shouldn't eat salzreich. But those who currently have circulatory problems may consciously eat a bit of salty food. If you're hungry for salt, you can listen to it.

    Updated Date: 04 August 2018, 12:00

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