Heavy Metal: Pantera-drummer Vinnie Paul is dead

With his brother Dimebag Darrell, he coined the metal sound of the nineties. Vince Paul Abbott died at the age of 54 years.

Heavy Metal: Pantera-drummer Vinnie Paul is dead

American rock drummer Vince Paul Abbott, called Vinnie Paul, is dead. This was shared by band Pantera, whose founding members were Abbott, on ir Facebook page. For cause of death, re was initially no furr information.

Vince Paul Abbott was born in 1964, Texas, and his far was singer. With his two-year younger bror Darrell Lance, named Dimebag Darrell, he founded band Pantera 1981. Vince played drums, Darrell quickly became a virtuoso on guitar. The band initially focused on new wave of British heavy metal, adding elements of thrash and hair metal towards end of 1980s. They released three albums with singers Donnie Hart and Terry Glaze until y found 1987 with singer Phil Anselmo for ir musical form.

In year 1990 y recorded ir first album on a major label: Cowboys from Hell became turning point in band's career. Pantera distanced mselves from glam-inspired sound of eighties and coined a new style in which both hair-metal, as well as grunge, rap and nu metal elements were found: so-called groove metal.

They n swung into first division of Metal stars alongside Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax. It was followed by vulgar Display of Power (1992) and Far Beyond Driven (1994). They were among most popular metal bands of nineties, but were divided against middle of decade. Until resolution 2003 three more albums were released. Vinnie Paul was at heart of cast until end.

After end of group, Abbott brors founded band damage. However, y could only record one plate in new formation. In December 2004, a few months after release of album New found Power, an ex-Marine stormed a concert of damage in Ohio. Vince's bror Darrell and three or people were shot, seven more injured. Two years later, Vinnie Paul returned with a new band called Hellyeah. Up to 2016 y released a total of five albums.

On Vinnie Paul's death on June 22, many fellow musicians responded with dismay. Abbott was only 54 years old. Via Twitter Kondolierten Numerous sizes of scene, including Anthrax and Paul Stanley of Kiss. "Anor metal hero who went too early," wrote Dave Mustaine of Megadeth.

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