HIV: Spahn wants to allow HIV self-tests freely for sale

The federal Minister of Finance plans to offer HIV self-tests in pharmacies for sale from the autumn. These are a milestone in the fight against AIDS.

HIV: Spahn wants to allow HIV self-tests freely for sale

The Federal Ministry of Health wants to make HIV self-tests available for free sale from autumn. This is reported by newspapers of Spark Media Group, citing ministry. "The HIV self-test is a milestone in fight against AIDS. He can also reach those who would orwise not be tested, "said Minister Jens Spahn (CDU).

According to estimates by Robert Koch Institute, approximately 12,700 people live in Germany with HIV without knowing it. In total, almost 90,000 people in Federal Republic are infected with pathogen of immune deficiency disease aids.

An HIV self-test in pharmacies has been allowed to be bought in Austria since this month. In case of self-tests an infection can be detected about twelve weeks after infection.

Spahn said that earlier patients who were diagnosed with HIV would know sooner y could be treated well. "And ors, in uncertainty, have chance of a quick certainty of not being infected." Up to now, HIV rapid tests in Germany may only be given to doctors, outpatient and stationary health care institutions, blood transfusion services and advisory bodies.

Both German AIDS aid came Spahns thrust of PositiveReaktionen. This will help "that more Menschenmöglichst early on of ir HIV infection and can take a cure," said board member Sylvia Urban. According to Urban AIDS and WeitereHIV transmissions. As AIDS-aid moderate to be able to carry out HIV test at home, DieHemmschwelle for those affected, because many fear or shame afraid to ask for it in a pharmacy or at doctor.

Date Of Update: 08 June 2018, 12:02

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