How Digital Marketing Use “Google My Business” to connect with Customers?

Digital marketers know Google’s worth and can’t run marketing campaigns without incorporating Google’s services in their marketing strategies.

How Digital Marketing Use “Google My Business” to connect with Customers?

Digital marketing services in the USA use search engine marketing (SEM) among other tools for online business promotions. There are many search engines for which you need to rank your website. However, statistics point to the fact; around 80% of worldwide internet users browse through Google search engine. It is the largest search online

Digital marketers know Google’s worth and can’t run marketing campaigns without incorporating Google’s services in their marketing strategies. “Google My Business” is such an online marketing tool that enables marketers to manage the online presence of businesses on Google. It shows how companies will appear in Google’s Search and Map. You need to create a business page and add business details like; business name, location, working hours, customers’ reviews, and related photos.

Customers search online about a business when they want to buy a product or a service instantly. Hence it brings great opportunities especially for small-scale enterprises to be found on Google by SEO services.

Potential customers read your business bio on the business page. If interested, contact your business instantly and potentially become a loyal customer of your brand. Here is the guide on how can you use Google business page:

Create an Account

    Create a Google account if you don’t have any. Or, log into an account that you have registered for your business

    Enter details like business name, address, and area of expertise

Account Verification

After logging in, verify your listings and location by phone number, email, postcard, or instant verification. For Example;

Either you receive a postcard on your listed location within few days, verification text on phone number, or verification email on your Gmail account. Or, if you use Google Search Console, that is a free tool to track website’s performance, the same account can be used for the verification process of the business page as well.

There is also a bulk verification method if you operate from different locations or countries. It requires the names and contact numbers of all those business representatives who will manage the respective account. Email address of business manager to verify all business representatives will also be required.

Optimization Techniques for Business Page

Following techniques are helpful in increasing the online presence of “Google My Business” (GMB) page.

List as much information and as accurately as possible about your business. Any web user can suggest editing in your information.

Provide accurate information from the start, so that no one can make changes as per his desire.

Google My Business (GMB) also provides web and mobile application development services for managing business account online via smartphones. By logging into the GMB dashboard, you can always analyze how the visitor seeing the information about your business.

Google suggests that businesses with interesting content attract around 35% more visitors towards a site. About 45% of web users ask for directions from Google’s map. Therefore, it is a good practice to add relevant media in your business listings. Such as; profile picture and videos. Adding special attributes to your profile attract more organic traffic. Such as; for a restaurant, having Wi-Fi will most likely attract those consumers who are phone-addicted or workaholic.

Public contact number or website address encourages potential local customers to contact easily with your business. They can easily visit your location within 24 hours.

Reviews and Suggestions

The business page also has a review section, where anyone can comment according to their experience with a product or service.  These reviews help digital marketers influence more potential customers to engage with the business. SEO specialists analyze them to rank your page over the search engine result page (SERP). Therefore, it is necessary to reply to business reviews in a friendly and professional way.


Hence, “Google My Business page” helps businesses to manage their business presence overall Google platforms better, such as; Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+. It particularly expands opportunities to do more business with the local business community.

Information Process Solutions is a digital advertising company in USA that provides the best marketing solutions with GMB and many other online techniques and platforms.

Date Of Update: 10 July 2018, 16:13

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