How to climb the auditing ladder

Auditing firms tend to be big places with thousands or employees, many working remotely most

How to climb the auditing ladder

Auditing firms tend to be big places with thousands or employees, many working remotely most of the time as they perform audit work at other corporates. They are demanding, with long hours expected and the work is extremely exacting. So, how do you make an impression in this type of environment? How do you get noticed and move up the food-chain? Assuming that is what you want to do of course. If you do aspire to be a big fish in a big pond and to one day make partner, you need to be focussed and you need to make sure that you are able to stand out from the crowd. Here are a few tips to help you make that impression.


Never stop learning

It goes without saying that in order to get into one of the top firms you already need to have done well at university. But passing well is not enough, you need to keep on learning and adding to your skill set. There are plenty of auditing courses available that will help you improve your skills in niche areas and keep you up to date with the latest industry thoughts and best-practice. Just remember that when you stop learning you start to go backward, and it won’t be long before you are being passed by younger and hungrier people.


Network relentlessly

So much about advancing in an industry is about who you know. And in a company that has thousands of employees, it is important to know as many people as possible. And knowing them is different from using them. Remember that you are not using others to climb to the top, you want to reach the top based on your own abilities and skills. You want to be liked for who you are and respected for what you do. The more people who are familiar with the package that is you, the better.


Don’t shy away from hard work

Develop a reputation for being prepared to tackle the tough stuff. Take the tough assignments and do them well. And always look to go the extra mile. Getting to the top is about making the right impressions with the right people. Think about more education and you must ensure that you don’t end up being thought of as lazy or a shirker.


It is not always about work

It might be a work environment, but it is not always about work. If you want to be seen as an all-around team player and good person, then you need to do more than just work. Seize on opportunities to get involved in the companies CSI activities, the company sports teams and make sure that you go for after work drinks or festivities. There is a fine line between throwing your name away and being a great person to hang out with, so, make sure that you are on eth right side of that line. But remember that these types of activities allow for real friendships and bigger-than-work relationships to form. And it is so often these relationships that play a role in helping people to reach the top.      

Date Of Update: 21 February 2022, 14:45

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