How to Ensure your Product Stands Out

If you're going into business and creating your very own product

How to Ensure your Product Stands Out

If you're going into business and creating your very own product, then you have to be able to give it shelf appeal. Customers have to be drawn to your product over all others, so here are some ways that you can make sure it stands out.

Use Bright Colours

It's only natural that we're attracted to bright colours and this is the same on the shop shelf. Look at the products that you tend to buy most often, you'll probably find that their appearance is what first drew you to them. Although another product may have been cheaper or from a larger brand, that bright colour caught your eye and the rest is history.

Look at the packaging of competitors and try to do the opposite. If they all use bright colours, then you might even want to try out a chic, minimalist design. Test these designs out with focus groups to see how they go down with your target audience. Get to know who these people are if you want to market to them.

Create an Interesting Brand

People love to buy from brands that are quirky and fun, some of the top ones in the UK have a very specific brand identity. Within the few seconds that they see your product, you have to be ready to impress that brand upon them. If they don't get it, then they're not likely to care much about anything else you have to offer.

Think about your logo and branding, do they really get your message across? If the answer is no, then you may want to invest in a new design and a labelling machine that really does the job. While this might seem like a big investment, it can make your brand much more successful in the long term. People like to buy products that look polished, so if your logo or design aren't up to scratch then they won't likely invest in trying it.

Deliver the USPs

If your consumer doesn't know what makes your product different, then they won't be tempted to stray away from their usual brands. You should be able to boil your USPs down to just a few simple points, then make sure they're represented on your packaging. Again, you might want to work with a focus group to find out what people really want from the kind of product you're selling.

Work to identify a problem that other brands on the market don't solve, then impress the fact that your brand does on consumers. The easiest way to tempt them to try your brand is to speak to a need they didn't quite know they had yet.

Stickers can be added to an existing design to add this element, without requiring a total redesign. You can even use these to split test which have the biggest impacts with your target market.

Everywhere we go, the shelves are crowded with products just like yours, so take these top tips to ensure that you don't get lost in the crowd. Be prepared for some trial and error before you get that magic formula just right.

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Updated Date: 04 September 2018, 15:01

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